Book Review – Pride and Prejudice

Posted: March 2, 2014 in Book Reviews
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It rightly is there on top of most loved books ever. This book is lovable for sure. It’s not easy to write a book where characters talk about marriage and marriage all the while. It’s the opposite of what I call as a no nonsense book. They do talk non sense. Isn’t it what we do daily in our everyday life? But after a point I felt pointless. What intrigued me first as a humor started to become irritating. Except for Lizzy – I prefer to call her that, it brings a certain bit of intimacy between me and her – no one really made sense.


“It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune must be in want of a wife,” is how the book begins. And till the end that’s what happens. Darcy right from the first seem to be an amiable person to be. I wasn’t even sure why he wasn’t liked. With English you’ve this problem. You don’t even know whether they are fighting for real. They come as a heavily cultured group where sarcasm is the highest form of showing anger.

And it was also a welcome break when neither the first nor the last daughter was the protagonist. But it was not a book which was aimed at breaking the mold. But it still does in the initial few pages. I was tired of people eating their hands out of poverty. The marriage discussion was a welcome break. That’s how I have lived life where parents think that marriage is the ultimate happiness that they could give to their children. Probably I’ll also be like this in a few years. When it comes to family I’m not broad minded at all. I’m not proud of it but neither could I deny that.

But a setting like this where a mother wants to get their daughter married off could easily have been made cheap but it was well written. There is of course humor. I’d have expected a more serious book but I could understand Jane Austen’s intention. I guess Jane Austen writes sitting in her room table near her window on a mild Saturday evening not like Flaubert locking himself writing and re writing the same passage again and again and in spite of all this never getting satisfied. Because Flauberts’ novel deals more about psychological elements than the basic needs whereas Jane Austen writes about people, normal people like us but just in different century.

Even though I felt good reading this book I didn’t get the satisfaction I expected. The petty talks and conversations over dinner made it more like a tea time book than being a proper novel.


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