Movie Review – We’re the Millers

Posted: March 1, 2014 in Movie Reviews
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Watching We’re the Millers is a like having a drink while relaxing at the end of the day. But one must be careful to be not drunk. It’s a time pass movie and it must be seen in that angle. Obviously there is nothing to learn and not even a bit of artistic value attached to it. But when I watched the move it made me laugh and after watching it made me happy. This was much more than what I expected.


The story had a good premise for a comedy flick. There are lots of lol moments. What more do you expect when a drug dealer, a stripper, a virgin and a runaway join hands to smuggle pot. Much of the story I already knew before watching the movie. In fact my friend’s description of the kissing scene between the virgin guy and his mom and his sister is what made me watch the movie. Needless to say it was fun. Best of the lot was Emma Roberts, the runaway girl. She was pretty, confident and knew exactly what she was doing. The rest of the cast where trying so hard to match her.

You must have known a lot about Hollywood, serials and comedies to understand all the jokes. Nevertheless you won’t be missing much if you don’t know. Overall the comedy was well written. It’s very much like how people like them talk. The main problem the movie faced is the casting couch. Worst of all is the lead pair. And that’s a huge mistake to have the wrong pair. Jasan Sudeikis never looked like a drug dealer before or after the transformation. By the way I loved the scene where he explains to the hair stylist about the hair style he expects. Travel for 50 km, work from 6 to 8 etc etc. That’s what we exactly do.

If Jasan Sudeikis was bad as David Clark Jennifer Aniston was worst, she as a stripper was the most unconvincing role of the four. In fact it was nice when they ridicule her with friends’ song in the end credits. That was one of the funniest scene involving her.

Other than them even other characters were caricatures but you expect something like in a film like this. You know what I’m sayin’ don’t ya…


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