Movie Review – Angles with Dirty Faces

Posted: February 28, 2014 in Movie Reviews
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Rocky Sullivan is a guy you’d fall in love with if you are youngster. Brutal and full of temper but still respectful because he’s one such individual even though being a gangster, does anything for their folks. Little would have the makers of the film would have thought that this film would serve as a template for almost all of the coming masala films. Even their own counterparts have not repeated the formula as much as we did. In spite of watching so much films with the same formula the film was lovable and that doesn’t generally happen with him.


Michael Curtiz, more famously known for his Casablanca is the director of this movie too. And Humphrey Bogart does a feebler role compared to James Cagney (Rocky Sullivan) and Pat O’Brien (Fr. Jerry Connelly). Seems they are very good friends off screen too and have done nine films together. They and their friendship reminded me of Sivaji and Major Sunderajan in Uyarntha Manithan (awesome movie that too). In this case too both of them were quite close friends off screen.

Humphrey Bogart didn’t have much to do here and people who have seen him here wouldn’t have guessed that he’d end up being such a start. The icon here is James Cagney. He was fabulous as Rocky Sullivan. We adore him as much as the kids do in the film. And every scene where the priest worries the kids would end up like Rocky was made very well. He couldn’t leave Rocky to be idolized as well as couldn’t let his friend be hated too. The dilemma with which he calmly deals was brilliantly made.

And the best part of the movie, climax, happening in 1938 it would’ve been a great break from the constant tough hero stereotypes they would have seen back then. Even now the climax looks fresh thanks to the thrill they keep till the last minute.

Of the numerous remakes and parodies made seems even there is Bollywood remake of the movie with Shah Rukh Khan in the lead titled Ram Jaane. It’d be funny to see how Bollywood has adapted this story.


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