Movie Review – The Chaser

Posted: February 23, 2014 in Movie Reviews
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Koreans are masters when it comes to crime stories. They are better off in romance but thrillers couldn’t made in a better way than them. Of the few handful ones I’ve watched they seem to be the king of this genre. A no non sense unsympathetic way by which they deal with serial killers is fabulous to watch. The chaser too is one such story. With a bustling night street, a pimp and lots of flashy things around the film sets the mood straight away. You see an angry pimp on financial crisis and shouting at everyone who gets hold off.

the chaser

You are made to think that he’s the psycho that you’re going to deal with for the next hour and a half as he commands his subordinate, shouts at the prostitutes and doesn’t sympathize even with the one he finds out to be sick. Because of the hard night he has he tells even the sick prostitute to go for work. He doesn’t allow us to like him even a bit during this tenure.

Only after we see Je Yeong-min (Ha Jung Woo) trying to kill the prostitute we start liking Eom (Kim Yoon-seok), the police office turned pimp. You must see the satire here. Guess Koreans are as much irritated with their police force as we dude. The satire here is quite high, be it the interrogation of the guy who throws feces at the mayor of Seoul, or with leaving the serial killer free in spite knowing quite a lot about him. Heights is the Eom character who sells his badge to be pimp so that he could get more money. Even his side kick character is interesting. Having been treated really bad by his master I thought he’d betray him sometime but that never happens. It was a funny scene when after losing the prostitutes girl, his side kick runs fast and overtakes Eom only to be said to go over in opposite direction. Humor was seamless in certain moments. Also when he uses cuss words it keeps every one of us in splits.

Ha Jung-woo as serial killer Je was awesome. The effortless way in which he utters the dialogues with his first vicitim shows his skills as an actor. Having read of the real serial killer Yoo Young-chul saying that his motive was to kill the sluts and rich people citing they are immoral is not quite shocking. Almost everyone does the same. Being in the middle class category and safely assuming that I’ll be not on the hit list of any serial killer with even a sense of motive I couldn’t get on how really the thought process of these people work. He certainly didn’t even look like he’d make any attempt to escape when he was captured by the police. The only time he got angry was when they said he’s impotent. Other that one high of killing people he doesn’t even seem to have any motive to survive. And the killing too he does as its part of his life. He isn’t excited as we see with other people. The only time he shows his emotion is while fighting with Eom during the climax. That’s the only time he fought for a purpose, to save his life.

The relationship between Eom and the prostitutes’ girl even though was understandable. It was good. That scene especially where Eom enquires with another person about the serial killer and the kid realizing that her mother is dead was awesome. Generally the kids don’t hear this conversation. The shot were she cries and Eom looks outside the window too was well shot with no words but only music.

What I thought to be a brilliant movie got spoilt by the two minute extension of the climax. This movie would have given us memories of murder feel if they had stopped it the minutes Eom has the hammer. It would have taken the sarcasm to whole different level but instead he goes to the prostitute’s girl and sits beside her and thus making the ending a pretty normal one. But first of all I didn’t understand how that girl got hurt in first place.


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