Movie Review – Departures

Posted: February 23, 2014 in Movie Reviews
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Just few days before I watched Tokyo Story and needless to say I was spellbound. So when I was about to watch Departures or I prefer the original name Okuribito made me think that I was about to watch either a black and white movie or an anime but to my surprise it was a 2009 Oscar winner that I wasn’t aware of. Having never heard of the movie I was happy that I’m going to watch something good.


The movie had a very serious opening. A typical art film opening. Quiet, misty, close ups, sad narrator etc. But the way it divulged into humor was awesome. When they try encoffing a female they discover a think which will keep us in splits but then again becomes serious without shifting gears. This is the major thing I liked about the movie. How it shifted between humor and seriousness effortlessly. With art movies either the tone is fixed and most of it centers on serious to very serious, wry humor or satire but very rarely you see these emotions mixed. But here in Okuribito the humor is beautiful. The whole film is beautiful but the humor stands about without affecting the flow of the movie.

Music as usual is minimal. It happens when people wants to prove a point. But the way cello was used. It was fabulous. Like how the humor gives you an occasional smile this too enriches your experience by making you smile. That part where he gives up the cello and opts for a lesser life was fabulous. The way he feels the rejection was so beautifully made. That was personal for me. It does feel bad when you come to know that the one thing that you loved since your birth fails you at the most critical juncture. I loved the scene in Rockstar similarly, where one of his friends say that he plays guitar right from a tender age but still couldn’t get a break. And when he says he felt relieved while selling the cello I could feel his pain. It’s so easy to quit. It’s just a matter of time.

This is a movie which should have been a documentary ideally about the encoffining procedure but kudos to the director for making it so beautiful my making it humane. Not that I don’t like documentaries but documentaries don’t feel personal. We still see it a notch away from what we do for movies with a story.

As a matter of fact any job on the first day is tough. And a job like this on the first day is even tougher. If that is not enough the job that he was forced to quit was a passionate job. So you could understand how tough it’d have been. Though the scene where they take the 2 week old rotten corpse were made in a humorous way the scenes next to it were brilliant. When he tries to eat non veg he starts puking and the pleasure he gets while feeling live skin was exemplarily shown. This has got to me one of the most meaningful love making scenes I’ve ever seen. I don’t say it as best as they don’t show it but lust gets a whole new meaning here.

From then on every time they eat non veg it’s a close crop and quite a tough scene to digest. It makes us puke. But the explanation his boss says for it citing his wife to be his first client is an awesome one. The only point I felt where the movie was literal was the scene where he says about the stone to his wife. It could have been better left unexplained. The flashback sequences where the child laughs as he gets the stone was fabulous. It would have been great if it had been left as such. It would have made a greater impact when he finds his dad having a stone when he dies.

Even when his wife tells his that his dad was a loner after he left him could have been avoided. I would have loved him to see his affection of his dad in spite of the short comings he had. Even if the explanation was necessary it could have been done in pictures instead of words. But that’s just a minor glitch which I didn’t even feel while watching the movie. It just looks like adding more words to my review.


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