Movie Review – I Am Sam

Posted: January 22, 2014 in Movie Reviews
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There are few films which you want to make it on your own and thus remake. Departed is one prime example. Even though Infernal Affairs didn’t inspire me it certainly inspired Scorsese. His vision was important and as he was thoroughly impressed by Infernal Affairs we were thoroughly impressed by Departed. Departed for me is how remake should be made. I’ve been quoting this for hell long of time now. Now coming to I am Sam. It’s not a movie where a director would be so impressed to make a remake but Vijay did it as Deiva Thirumagal. Movie was so-so. Vikram was brilliant as always. But for an actor of Vikrams caliber he could easily occupy the screen for one hour if you just give him one sentence but here he has seen an actor from whom he only has to copy. And he does that effortlessly.


I haven’t watched I Am Sam before watching Deiva Thirumagal otherwise I’d have disappointed by the movie. The movie was more stirring here because of the soulful music for which the credit has to be given but other than that it’s Indian version of Chinese Fried Rice and nothing else. No one knows how fried rice tastes in china but people say it’s authentic. That’s how Deiva Thirumagal was. Thrown in a little sentiment here and there and made into a perfect movie which no one can hate. Thanks to sentiment, Sara and Vikram.

Makers claimed that it was just an inspiration. It was much more than that. Except for the climax there wasn’t a major scene where it was totally different. But what they did, they did it well otherwise the movie would have gone on to be horrible.

The director Jessie Nelson has tried hard to make a story about disabled father but after a point of time she couldn’t write it properly. No disabled person would say that they try so hard and still they couldn’t get what they want. It’s not what a seven year old kid does too. It’s what we as a parent tell to our close ones when they fail. Saying that they try so hard but they couldn’t do it. If the child had that amount of clarity then he/she could be able to cope up with the situation by themselves.

Dakota Fanning comes in as a cute little girl named Lucy who continues to impress us in each and every film. She’s a treasure trove when it comes to kids who act so well. She does what she could. Be it the scenes where he advises her dad. Or a simple scene where she goes every night to meet her father. Every time she lies so that her dad would understand was awesome.

The rest of the characters are pretty normal. The lawyer Rita Harrison (Michelle Pfeiffer) is a character taken right out of a sympathy template, who is hot headed successful but never really has a family but finally gets to have one thanks to Sam.

The most interesting character was Annie (Dianne West) who does a Meryl Streep here. Of all the people her court scene was the best. He argues better than what the lawyer does. The second best character is the lawyer from the opposite side whose silent hushes chills you down the bone every time he talks. His character would have been made more elaborate than to just show him as a plain heartless villain.

On the whole the strategy was simple. Watch the movie with a handkerchief, make it wet, rinse it and start laughing again. For you’d forget the movie before your hankie dries.

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