Movie Review – The Wolf of the Wall Street

Posted: January 19, 2014 in Movie Reviews
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I bet you’ll enjoy this movie. A vintage Scorsese stuff on the lines of Casino, Goodfellas etc. I don’t know how this guy is able to repeat the magic of what he did with De Niro a few years ago. That’s the advantage of being a director. You can choose to be sublime no matter how old you get. And see how Scorsese choose to be sublime.


The story is simple, well… who wants to get into a story. The story is about an ambitious guy trying to become rich and ends up deep in dumps. It’s almost the story of Guru. But what differentiates it other than obvious Di Caprio is the writing. You can’t stop laughing while watching Di Caprio talk. Not only when he talks on screen but also during voice over. A method which Scorsese has mastered. No one else’s film has this good voice over. Yes he repeats it each and every time but should I even that when he repeats it each and every time it’s fucking awesome.

With a film so well written it’s difficult to spot the genius of a director but the Quaalude scene has Scorsese stamp all over. That 10 minute sequence is absolute insanity. Anyone who had got high would relate to that. Even those who haven’t would have heart in their mouth when Di Caprio tries to go down a ten steps to get to his car. Things get even interesting when the extended footage of combining that scene with Popeye back ground music happens. Man, this guy is a genius.

Di Caprio could very well walk with the Oscars this time for his performance of Wolfie. He’s absolutely ruthless as a stock market broker. He gets his witty charm he had in Catch Me If You Can. Only age is not on his side. When he’s shown as a 22 year old you see he doesn’t exactly look like a 22 year old but he has that exquisite charm which no one could steal. Each and every speech he develops in his office is absolutely a treat. How awesome would it be if our managers do the same?

The one point where I was afraid that the movie would bog down from its severity is when Di Caprio talks emotionally but he comes back with a bang. And he’s right. Power is an addiction, fame is an addiction. People who haven’t tasted would probably die without even knowing how it feels. He goes to jail, dies almost in a yacht crash but to hell with it. This man here shows us how to live.

And I’ll conclude my review with what my friends’ conclusion of his birthday note. “And then the f*ckin Scorsese f*ckin awesomeness in The f*ckin Wolf of the f*ckin Wall Street what a f*cking climax of my F*cking awesome birthday.”

  1. gloganwriter says:

    one of my favourite movies of the last year. Everyone is fantastic. Scorsese definitely channelling his Goodfellas blueprint. Cant see Leo getting the Oscar though. great review

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