Movie Review – Kalyana Samayal Saadham

Posted: January 19, 2014 in Movie Reviews
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A beautiful romantic comedy. That’s what it is. A serious film on arranged marriage would have been even more spectacular but come on we’re not expecting an Amour here. It’s like a Visu film which is fun loving, thought proving and more than anything else makes us happy. That’s what cinema is all about right. A great movie to watch on a Friday night. I took the liberty of watching it in office on a Friday afternoon. No great difference though.


The whole movie is marred with adult jokes and some seriously critical sexual talks but this film is definitely watchable with family. Our mentality is okay with watching any amount of violence, few cuss words but absolutely nothing related to sex. Like how Crazy Mohan points out, ‘this generation has probably learnt a lot about sex through books, movies, and internet but learnt everything wrongly.’ There are still people who think that a girl with hour glass figure would enter the bedroom on first night. Thanks to the porns that the guys would’ve watched.

Okay let’s not get serious, it’s not a film to be serious. Otherwise how would I like the scene where Prasanna takes Lekha to a remote island filled with lights on the day before marriage? I’d ideally like to do that but I know that will remain a dream. Likewise there would be so many dreams that would be buried inside the groom and bride by the end of marriage.

Whenever we get to hear a story about an arranged marriage we see incompatible people, we see people fighting off their parents for want of love marriage but here there are two individuals who even though know that arranged marriage is not the best way to get married accept their parents decision and go ahead with it. That’s quite normal in an upper middle class family like this. Both of them look smart and have every quality to get a boyfriend/girlfriend of their choice, they’d have even had one before marriage but go ahead with the arranged marriage as that’s the next step in a normal human beings process.

And this beautiful phase between an engagement and marriage has never been exposed by anyone before. My best phase of my life was not when I was in love but when I got a job and had 4 months gap before joining it. When everyone was complaining about staying idle I was enjoying each and every moment of my longest holiday I’d ever get in my life. So technically speaking even their marriage becomes love marriage. Like Lekha says instead of meeting in Facebook they met in matrimony site. That’s the difference. Other than that they do ditto of what all lovers do. Big respite here is there is no one to tease of this arranged marriage. So they go to coffee shop, they go outing, clubbing and even have sex (at least they try to) before marriage so one stone two birds. The only scene I didn’t like is when one of Prasanna’s friends kisses her (even though on forehead) after getting on a high. Though the scene just passes buy that was the only scene that didn’t work for me. Of course there were other cinematic scenes like the boat with light, Prasanna’s mom turning into a serial mom etc but everything went along with the course of the movie.

The film begins with a lady voice over and ends with the same which is a major break from hearing what our typical hero’s want to say. There is a nice little pun when Lekha does mechanical engineering, similar to many of our heroes and comes to lathe shop in style with a sexy costume and Ferrari helmet rather than a dark green faded lab coat in sweltering heat. God I can’t forget those horrible college days where we had to wear our lab coats in a 40 degree heat wave riding asbestos coated lab environment. And now there are people complaining about the Australian open. Not only that I had to wear lab coat even in computer labs. (P.S. Labs where AC would never work.)

As this movie made happy I was very eager to write about it but wrote more about me than the movie. Girls would totally love this movie. The first song shot in Facebook style was lovely. “This is how it should be” commented one of my lady friends. I loved the pun in “pallu pona rajaku karumbu thina vaziyillayam.” The song was hilarious. Instead of mourning over his medical condition his friends make fun of him all the time which was also a welcome break.


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