Movie Review – It Happened One Night

Posted: January 14, 2014 in Movie Reviews
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When I thought that I’m slowly losing the joy of watching films and watching films that are of any use to me, this movie by Frank Capra came in. I along with my friend were trying so hard to watch a movie which would be pleasing and nothing else. In our search we ended up with It Happened One Night. Remember that we were initially planning to watch Sacrifice. See from where to where our search went by.

it happened one night

Like how the heroine, a short curly haired Claudette Colbert plunges into the water even the story plunges in itself directly to its point. Similarly I too got into the film where I had nothing to think of but to sit and enjoy. The heroine here is not a beauty like Carol Reed in It’s a Wonderful Life, my favorite of Capra. But she’s a heroine who suits the script very much. If remade into Tamil the only heroine that I could think of is Laila. What amazes me is when they try to copy/remake movie from Hollywood why not choose a movie like this which is beautiful in itself. All you’ve to do is write it properly. Not saying that it is easy but would definitely be made into a good movie.

Frank Capra is one amazing director. Even though I now call PTA as my favorite director it was because of Hitchcock that I started loving movies. I used to watch Tamil movies before it but I never called myself a film buff. Only after Hitchcock, to be more specific, only after Dial M for Murder my love for cinema grew by leaps and bounds. Now Frank Capra is helping me find the joy again in cinema. Like all his films even here the film starts off with the lead character failing miserably, trying so hard to succeed, almost end of failing forever but becoming happy at the end. This is the template he follows but he does it with élan. He’s not afraid of being typecast. He does what he knows best. Make happy endings. Make happy cinema. As I’ve said before calling a bad movie good require guts but it requires even more guts to call a good movie good. Similarly it takes a lot of courage to make an out of the box movie but to make a movie simple it takes even more courage. Even the most courageous who want to make simple movies can’t make the movies simple because to achieve simplicity they make the process complex and the movie ends being a nothing movie.

I’m not sure about the meaning of the title because as the title says the movie doesn’t happen on a single night but on a few days that the lady spends with a guy. The hero Clark Gable does a wonderful job here and I loved his attitude especially where he tries to get information from the lady by not directly forcing it. But till the end he doesn’t get her story at all but rather starts liking her without his knowing. The lady being a more straight forward person accepts it by breaking the walls of Jericho. I know walls of Jericho as only Jericho’s smack till now. But from now on I’ll remember it differently.

If guardian angel was the charmer in It’s a Wonderful Life it is Alexander Andrews (Walter Connolly) here. He was amazing as a father of Ellie Andrews. There were a lot of dialogues too which were treat to watch like how Gable effortlessly says, “I’m a billionaire” after giving off his last bit of money, the entire sequence where they try to get lift from a car. When Gable’s employer tries to get a news he asks his workers to exaggerate everything when they print and similarly they do it but for the opposite cause because the lady had said yes for the wedding. That was a hilarious one. And one of the well enacted scene must be the one where they quarrel like husband and wife. The comedy goes one notch higher when the land owner says that, “see didn’t I say that they are like just another couple.” Those were brilliant scenes which could go easily unnoticed but looks lively every time we watch. The directors who could bring more and more moments like these are thus called as great directors.

Well when I said that it had scope to be remade in Tamil. The only hindrance that could come is showing Claudette Colbert as a married person otherwise it’s a very good remake material but yes this remake should have happened at least a couple of decades back with Gemini Ganesan in the lead.


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