Movie Review – Shuddh Desi Romance

Posted: January 4, 2014 in Movie Reviews
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My last movie of what has been yet another year of wonderful movie viewing turned out to be a film with my ideologies. A perfect no-nonsense movie. Acting and attitude by the leads where totally unfathomable and eclectic. Parineeti comes as a pick of the lot. I was so interested to watch Ishaqzaade after watching the impressive trailers but due to bad reviews I missed on it. But in whatever songs I’ve watched Parineeti was like a breath of fresh air. This charm and childishness will eventually fade off like how it happened to Anushka after a couple of movies , if she doesn’t do a variety of roles other than being chirpy and bubbly. But now is the time to love her and let’s do that.

shuddh desi romance
Sushanth is another fabulous actor. This time he’s not the same confident young like how he was portrayed in Kai Po Che. Nevertheless it’s another fabulous attempt. More than anything I liked his physique and costumes in the movie. He was fabulous. And that puny face he makes when he proposes for marriage was cute. The entire Sushant under confidence and Parineeti’s over confidence was a very good mix. Though we’re watching more and more of confident woman and no confident guys nowadays it was still good to watch these youngsters perform.

The third lead, though wasn’t as charming as the remaining two was still beautiful and good in making Sheshank fall for him. Even though we could adjust with her acting capabilities during the progress of the film. Her amateurishness really shows off when she faces the camera and talks to us.

This film is more about women than men. We see only the two woman talking to us explaining the feeling but the guy is always the typical loser which he’s. Nowadays I like the film being set in certain place and instead of adoring the place they are showing it in a view from a person who sees the city everyday. That’s a welcome change from what we’ve seen so far. But I don’t know the place where Tina and Sushant meet for coffee on top floor where they could see planes take off really exist. If so that’s be one awesome place to have coffee. In fact all the coffee scenes in the film are awesome. First the place and then the situation. Even the rooftop coffee shop where Sushant and Parineeti meet for the first time was fabulous. And the expression that Sushant gives while passing the gulab jamun is just icing on the cake.

He keeps that emotion for special moments like removing Parineetis shirt button, checking her pulses etc. That’s again a good scene where Parineethi doesn’t make a move when he removes her shirt button and every time they have sex the only part of the dress that would have moved is her collar. Don’t know whether it’s a nice little pun but i loved it.

In a film where you should be careful with songs the director was indeed very careful with it. All three songs in the movie, two during the course of the movie and the one during credits were awesome.

In all it was one of the good movie to end a year on a high where in which i watched more Indian movies than Hollywood and foreign. Good thing is almost every movie had something different in it.


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