I thought this movie to be foreign seeing the name. Obviously I didn’t understand the meaning of the name which is nothing but a troublesome spirit or ghost that manifests itself by moving and influencing objects. After ten minutes even though I came to know that it’s an English film I didn’t know the genre as I didn’t know the meaning but those few silent, long shots were enough to guess that it’s a horror flick.


Not being a big fan of it still I was intrigued to watch because 1) it was under Spielberg’s banner and 2) it had kids. Kids and Spielberg is a fascinating combo like how Mani Ratnam and kids are. They are two of the best film makers when it comes to making a story with kids. Eg) ET and Anjali. Here, even the story and screenplay was by Spielberg so thought it must be a good watch.

Other than Shining, no other movie had impressed me and this movie too didn’t. It certainly had its moments though. But by the end of the movie I was confused whether I was missing something or it’s a spoof because it happened to me once with a movie. But I confirmed that it’s an honest horror movie. The movie wasn’t bad but wasn’t as good as to impress me.

The good element of the movie was it was humane. We could see certain scenes which we don’t encounter is other horror movies. That shows Spielberg’s style of writing. When Steven (Craig T. Nelson) and his wife Diane (JoBeth Williams) smoke a joint at home they get interrupted by their daughter Carol (Heather O’Rourke, poor girl who had to die at an age of 12 due to cardiac arrest) Steven goes to her daughter’s room, comforts her and makes her sleep. Then immediately opens the other daughter’s door to see what she is doing. She opens it one more time to see whether she has stopped with her messaging. It was one of the few good family scenes.

Diane is the sexiest of the lot and hardly looks like a mother. When she finds out that things move by itself, instead of getting frightened she shows her husband about that quite enthusiastically. Even after losing their daughter they have a moment of contempt one night silently talking to each other and they could still laugh when a spiritual medium enters their home who looks funny.

It would have been a satisfying film back then with few thrills, a decent story line where evil happens because of certain bad things but now the fun wasn’t there to be. One good thing is I learnt a new word.


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