Movie Review – Amadeus

Posted: December 4, 2013 in Movie Reviews
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Few movies could affect you like hell. Amadeus was one of them. Modern art and music are two things that I have high regards for. I don’t understand the first one, even though I like the latter I certainly don’t know how it gets created. The thought of creation is fascinating. More than that the thought of creating music is even more fascinating. Mozart is one of the greatest creators of music and this film helped me learn about him.


On a general not even though I can’t live without music, musicals haven’t really appealed. Musicals like Wizard of Oz where the settings are unrealistic and songs come in between like Indian cinema are strict no no for me. Chicago was the only movie I liked in that sense. But I like movies like Ninaithalae Inikum, Rockstar, Control etc. Amadeus took the musical to next level. Thanks to my slight familiarity with Mozart’s music I loved this one.

Mozart according to my mental picture was a serious guy. I never really thought of his success level. But after seeing the film I came to know how unsuccessful he was in those days. I’ve to read more to find out the exact history. But there is no smoke without fire. At least a part of it must have been true.

Tom Hulce was brilliant as Mozart and so was F. Murray Abraham as Salieri. The latters’ cold, unnerving style of acting was brilliant. More so was the characterization. When he explains about his relationship with Mozart to the priest. His thoughts about god, from being an ardent follower to the one who hates the almighty completely, it was so honest, so humane. Quite obviously the priest didn’t have an answer to him. The beauty of it is the priest is all ears because there is a reference to God every now and then. This makes the priest curious. And when he says the reason for hating the god it gets even better.

Mozart comes as a charming guy who never looks like he’s aging but when he does he gets very tough. His trauma affects us. Films like these make you sick. The last time it happened was with Tamil. M. A. This matched that film with the amount of turmoil it could exhibit.

Certain times I think of money and fame being only a temporary thing. Even though the legend of Mozart stays till now he is considered failure then. It’s quite a question…


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