Movie Review – Z

Posted: November 30, 2013 in Movie Reviews
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Only half through the film it struck me that ‘Shanghai’ was inspired from Z. Everyone knows about my memory power. I watched ‘M’ instead of ‘Z’ the day before watching Shanghai and was cranking my brain so hard to find the similarity.


At that time I knew that Shanghai was inspired by a foreign film with one letter. If I had watched ‘Z’ I couldn’t assure that my ‘Shanghai’ experience would have been better but I’d have understood ‘Shanghai’ better.

Because I could understand ‘Z’ perfectly. Part of it because I had watched Shanghai, I guess. Screenplay wise too ‘Z’ was a better film whereas ‘Shanghai’ lacked clarity.

I loved the way flashback sequences were played in the film like that of Persona it flashes all of a sudden and then tells you what the real flashback was. It happened two or three times and was wonderful. Also the climax, though I was disappointed of the sequence of events. It’s because of that I would never forget the film. In fact i started with the habit of review writing so that I don’t forget films. But memory doesn’t seem to be my thing and movies like these makes you feel better when you watch the second time.

If you are into politics you’ll definitely laugh out loud for the opening scene. The mild satire and wry humor combines brilliantly to form one of the best opening scenes. It’s not that it gives you goose bumps but makes you remember it for the uniqueness like how now I’m reminded of the speech about retirement in About Schmidt.

When asked all of a sudden I won’t remember that scene but during interesting moments like this I would always think about loving the scene. One big problem with foreign movies as I again and again cite is the unfamiliarity of actors. It’s good to understand the story but in films like this we need to remember face which gets really tough. And for someone like me who can’t remember names it gets even tougher. It takes a while to understand who’s killed, who is double crossing etc.

The investigation carried out in the film was curious. Instead of we discovery the fact along with the protagonist we already tend to know what exactly happened and see how the protagonist is trying to unravel the mystery. This has every chance of becoming boring but it doesn’t. In spite of knowing most of the details we are still curious to see how magistrate tries to nail the people. And it’s one the brilliant scenes where he says murder instead of ‘incident.’ That’s when he confirms that its murder for sure.

The reporters finding out the exit of the officials when they don’t see them going out in the same way they were going in and the way all higher officials try to open the door next to exit door were scenes of pure class.


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