Movie Review – Irandaam Ulagam

Posted: November 24, 2013 in Movie Reviews
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Oh boy, what has happened to you Selva? After watching the night show of this movie my friend casually said, “ivan yen ipdi urugi urugi love story edukuran?” (Why is this guy making love stories like this?) I was like, “Uruguna paravala da, Gautham kooda than uruguran.” (Its fine, even Gautham makes such love stories) He said, “ana ivan urugi psycho mari eduthuranae da.” (But this is making love stories like a psycho.) That’s how to define the movie in one sentence. I don’t know why Selva keeps on repeating the same mistake again and again. For all the research that he had done for Aayirathil Oruvan I thought this too would offer something heavy but it didn’t offer me anything light too. It was a bland love story set in two worlds but given a third degree treatment with absolutely no research, nothing.

Irandam Ulagam

On earth there was a couple and the same couple was present even in another world. Just that the second world couple love each other without knowing that the word ‘love’ exists. Our world’s couple is stereotypic and their world couple doesn’t go along with the crowd at all. Seem to be shot in some Norwegian village with only Arya and Anushka look different from others. Though the idea of using a specific set of people for the second world was commendable, the lack of make up to make the lead pair look like the rest was a huge mistake.

There were few trademark Selva elements. I don’t know the opposite word of feminist but this guy seems to be more than that. He can’t stay off the chauvinistic elements in his movies like how Ram can’t keep blaming about rich people in his movies. Maruvan (the other world Arya) singing a love failure song sung by Dhanush was heights. While I was irritated to see Tamil being spoken without even a change in dialect, this song added to the misery.

By regular Selva elements I was about the mention the way a lady describes Arya in our world and Arya helping his dad in the toilet. Though I didn’t like the first scene the second one was refreshing. But straightaway sitting on the dining table was well… yucky. But this was much better than Arya helping out all the victims. Another refreshing thing was the song Kanimozhiyae. Only Selva could think like that!

I wasn’t much irritated with the shifts from this world to the second world but the film flopping as a whole in the second half in both the worlds was a thing to worry. Anirudh did a great job with background music. One of which had music similar to Wong Kor-wai’s In the Mood for Love and there I could see what was Selva’s intention. He wanted to make a love ‘epic.’ But he took the word ‘epic’ literally. There Wong Kar-woi even makes buying porridge epic but here even an epic looking scene of Arya defeating their lion looked bland. Other than that the rest of the BGM has to be really appreciated.

There are rumors about Selva retiring. Not sure how far its true but when someone like him could make movies like Pudhupettai and 7G Rainbow Colony he surely mustn’t stop making movies. I understand Selva’s affinity towards history and epics in general but he musn’t confuse that with what he’s good at. This again is a subject which as a one liner sounds good but the execution is as pathetic as it can be.


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