Movie Review – Goliyon Ki Raasleela Ram-Leela

Posted: November 24, 2013 in Movie Reviews
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At last, for Deepika. There were a string of movies (including Cocktail) that I wanted to watch for her. Have never been smitten by any actress after Aishwarya Rai like this but I avoided most of the movies knowing that it wouldn’t garner my taste. But this time got to watch this movie. Thanks to the appropriate schedule of the movie. I was able to combine this with another movie and watched it with glee.

Goliyon Ki Raasleela Ram-Leela

Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s previous two outings disappointed me but he’s one filmmaker whose movie you can’t avoid if you’re a film buff. This time for a change, he amazed me. A very good part for deciding the movie as a good one could be because of the fact that I knew it’s an adaptation of Romeo and Juliet. The setting was perfect for someone like Bhansali. Morbid romance in the midst of guns and thugs. How can things get better?

The film was poetic. Both Ranvir and Deepika had great body in a movie which is more about lust that love. They are honest people. Not in the Before Sunrise way but in way they show that they’re attracted to each other. So a perfect body paves way for such attraction. Add to it the sets, costumes and grandeur was things that come just naturally for Bhansali. You see all the old setting but still a scene where Baa gives Ram her phone number is chilling. There is no perfect definition of the era the film is set in. But we hardly question that. We don’t question why there are cars in the midst of palaces and kings and queens who wear traditional clothes. Why there are cell phones when the rest of the place has all antique items.

I’ve never liked Ranvir before and neither did I like him here.  But he was powerful in certain scenes where it was necessary. The first half of the movie played a perfect foil of romance and necessary allusions coming with it. I was impressed by that time but the true drama happens only during second half. Things could have easily gone wrong with such high melodrama. The inconsistent thinking by the characters. The numerous twists. But everything fell in place. Whenever there was a twist we could appreciate the way it was handled rather than keeping it just for the sake of it.

Though it’s a story of just two people, the supporting characters too played their part equally well. The scene where the brothers of Ram and Leela involve in a gun brawl keeps us at the edge of the seat and that too with a smile. It’s not that a scene like that has never been made before but the way it was made, we could hardly think about it that way. Add to the glitz and glamour the music was breathtaking. I can’t single out here for most of the songs were good.

While watching the movie I wasn’t sure how the Dhol song would come where Deepika takes blessings from Ranvir with her mother staying next to her. It’s one of the rare occasions I was happy about watching this song before movie because I wouldn’t have been anxious of the song like how I was during the movie. The song was perfect for the situation. And after a long time Priyanka looked good. I was bored by her monotonous styling in the mean time. But Deepika does what Priyanka couldn’t do even in her item number with Ang laga de.

I haven’t read Romeo and Juliet. Other than the few stanzas of Pound of Flesh I’ve studied during my school days my knowledge of Shakespeare is limited but this movie gave me the Shakespearian feeling that I wanted to feel. Kudos!


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