Movie Review – Kuruthipunal

Posted: November 11, 2013 in Movie Reviews
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Thanks to Wikipedia, I never knew the meaning of Kuruthipunal to be a flood of blood. All I remember about the movie is watching in a shabby Motcham theatre way back with my uncle, Arjun jumping between the platform (which was actually Kamal) and Kamal getting shot in the climax. Though it comes as a heavy spoiler there isn’t a single thing about the story I remember so I was intrigued to watch this film. The film severely reminded me of Sarfarosh which I watched recently and was thoroughly impressed. I never knew P.C. Sreeram could direct a film this good. With Kamal you never know who does the work. It could have been Kamal himself too. Remember Anbe Sivam? But in this case P. C. Sreeram has done two more films. Nothing of this caliber but. Music too was haunting in this film. Incidentally Mahesh Mahadevan was also the music director of another gem of Kamal, Nammavar.


Kamal and Arjun look unnaturally older than their age in the film. And there are no fancy angles like rest of P. C. Sreeram’s films where he has done only cinematography. You get only what you need. But having said that, this must be one of the Kamal’s most personal film. I could see himself and his alter ego in the form of Nasser in this film. And the climax too. Though a bit literal you got to appreciate this man’s talent. His angst is clearly visible through his dialogues. And this is one of the wonderfully written films in Tamil cinema. When you give concepts like this to Kamal he excels in it. But here he hasn’t crossed the line which he usually does. And that’s why Kuruthipunal is a better film than Unnai Pol Oruvan. Where his genius tries so hard to stay inside a common man.

The film has quite an unusual opening. An extended shot of children going in bus followed by Kamal in police uniform. Thanks to the extended shot there is a connect between us and the children so we sympathize a bit more than what we usually do when children die in Shankar film. In the latter’s film we get more excited about the revenge that hero is going to take rather than feeling sad about the demise of so many children.

Of the very few parts that I didn’t like it was that of the sex addict or rather the one who tries to have sex with teenaged daughter of Arjun. There are three acts involving him. The first where he looks at the assets of the girl which was obvious and bad. The second scene where he tries to molest the girl was a really good one, the dialogues like, “naan vittutu poiruvaenu varthama iruka…” generally doesn’t come in every other movie even when a character is shown villainous. The third scene involving Gauthami ‘offering’ herself was just to create sympathy. Incidentally Gauthami in spite of being a horrible actress has shared screen space with Kamal in most of his exemplary movies.

It’s hard to believe that this movie is a remake of Hindi movie Drohkaal. It’s Kamal written everywhere. But Govind Nihalani seems to be a director to watch out far. So far his stats seem to be so good.


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