Book Review – David Copperfield

Posted: November 9, 2013 in Book Reviews
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I have this habit of reading a book till a certain point. Shoving it in shelf because I couldn’t concentrate and taking it back again from the shelf to read it thoroughly. This time I decided that I’ll complete this 880 odd page classic in one trip of mine. Well those two days of train journey weren’t enough for it. But whatever I read on the train and on top of Spiti were the best pages of the book. Right after that, it was a hectic every day evening bus activity where I could hardly concentrate. The first 250 pages which I wasn’t able to concentrate the first time were a gem this time. When I was down and out not knowing what to do on a hill top, the only companion I had was a naïve David Copperfield who takes everything in a positive manner. There came the best line in the book. When he visits his aunt’s house for the first time he sleeps in the couch. He wishes to be gotten up by the love of aunt being ready to cloth him, feed him. But on the contrary the place doesn’t look a bit changed. That was how I wished every time I slept on the hill top but nothing would change.

david copperfield

David Copperfield was the best love story I’ve read in spite the book not being a love story. The Dora and David part was adorable. Usually I hate these simple minded heroines who come across in the movies like mad people. But this time it was different. I loved the way David loved Dora and vice versa. I could also sympathize with every situation that Dora leaves David in, including the climax. I’m not sure how many of you expected David to Marry Agnes but that was always behind my mind. Yet there is nothing incestuous in it. He right through calls her sister and understand her affection as nothing but sisterly love. In the end he ends up marrying her and yet there is nothing offensive about their relationship. This shows the simplicity of his thoughts.

Everyone would love to meet a person like David, at least in fiction. The way he adores Steerforth is one more example of his simple thoughts and the brilliance of Dickens. Steerforth hasn’t done anything substantial to be praised a hero but that’s what the point is. We ought to see him from David’s point of view and his hero worship. You don’t necessarily have to win a world cup to be hailed as hero. A simple person who lifted you when you fell down from the bus too could be a hero. It is not easy to make a character so simple with everyday life being the core action of the story. In fact there is no action at all in the story. You could even say this road trip. With road being a metaphor with life. He goes around meets people and starts to go again with his life.

Though I failed to read the middle part of the book with full concentration yet I could never miss the continuity. I loved the way these English people quarrel. Do much decency I say. I loved it especially when Mrs. Murdstone and David Copperfields Aunt quarrel. Even Dick was an amazing character. He so much reminded me of Levitt’s dad in 50-50. Love the scene where Levitt’s parents accompany him to the doctor.

I gave a lot of my time for this book. If I had given the same amount of time with more leisure it’d have been an even better read. I don’t complain though.


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