Movie Review – Sunrise

Posted: November 4, 2013 in Movie Reviews
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I was to watch Cinema Paradiso and in TV there was Onayum Attukuttiyum. Add to it, it was Diwali. See which movie I selected to watch finally. Sunrise! It was a decision well made. With the cracker noise blaring outside (even though it was less than last year), watching a silent movie was a better choice. The tenure of the movie, 90 minutes was one more choice for selecting this movie over others. My computer won’t stand the heat for more than an hour. So even this I had to see in two installments. Anyways by theory of probability two is better than three isn’t it.


Of the three silent films which I’ve watched Sunrise seemed to be the technically brilliant one. Better than The General and Nosferatu. But my favorite still remains The General but I loved Nosferatu and this one equally. Sunrise very much reminded me of Ugetsu. Especially the boat scene. I also didn’t knew about the movie’s genre for I thought it to be a science fiction movie. Good that it was not. It was very human and simple movie about love between husband and wife.

I’ve always considered Indians to be the only ones to give importance for relationship. It was good to watch a foreign nation giving as much importance as we do. Their relationship was really cute. It made me see them as a husband and wife in spite The Man reminding me of Nicholas Cage and The Wife looking like a teenager. When you notice the credits appears for a long duration. It’s a mark with silent movies. They want to make sure that we read. The credits contain the characters name where the hero and heroine are mentioned as The Man and The Wife, just like in church which was nice but the thing I hated is I couldn’t skip the credits page because of the long duration. So I was compelled to read the other characters name, The Woman From the City, The Obtrusive Gentleman, The Obliging Gentleman etc which was a spoiler.

One more thing I liked about the movie was the use of effects judiciously. It might be a revelation at that time to use fading effects with the words for the drowning scene. The traffic scene where they kiss each other. Even though it looked like graphics it has to be appreciated for the time it was released. Remember we are seeing this movie almost 100 years late.


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