Movie Review – Naduvula Konjam Pakkatha Kaanom

Posted: October 15, 2013 in Movie Reviews
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Like the title I watched this film from the middle. I had watched the most famous “ppah…” scene a numerous times and one more scene where Vijay Sethupathi wants to loo. This time I watched the movie from the marriage scene and I couldn’t resist watching it till the climax. And thanks to that I couldn’t sleep that day afternoon and watched the remaining part of the movie. In spite of having watched the climax of the movie, the remaining movie was still very engaging. Man what an actor this guy is. Like the 40,000 scene in Soodhu Kavvum this movie too has a scene where he acts like he’s forgotten his friend Bugs. He finishes the scene by saying ‘Yaar kitta,’ yes truly, yaar kitta…


This guy has a great logic and clever understanding of the script. In none of his films he over occupies the scene space. There would always be enough number of scenes for the others to evolve as well but at the end of the movie it would end up as Vijay Sethupathi’s movie. Some guy he is. Once he gets admitted in hospital see how long he doesn’t appear in the screen. But credit should be given to the other three guys as well who were equally brilliant in their expressions as well as acting. And the scene where one of the friends call the other two guys and waits for them to come in bike, climb the stairs and talk to him is one of the fabulous scenes in the movie.

The opening song of the film, in fact the only song tells us the story of the film then it’s only a single line, short term memory loss. The opening song is the one like Michael Madana Kamarajan’s title track telling the whole story but not as good a song like that one. Then comes the cricket part, it was so brilliantly shot. Every reaction was genuine. Even better than Chennai 28. See how the two who fight mercilessly in the cricket ground go by the same bike everywhere. Anyone who’ve played gully cricket would have a friend like that.

As Vijay Sethupathi said the way he says ‘Vittaena…’ initially was not good as he says in interviews now. He gave a brilliant explanation for that saying that he really has to feel like leaving the catch every single time. He was honest enough to accept that he didn’t act well for the initial few days. This humility he has it within. Again and again I’m stressing his intelligence because I’ve never seen someone which such clarity in my life time.

The way the movie was made as serious comedy is a thing to be applauded. It’s only we who laugh the whole tone of the movie is serious, here and there we could hear a funny music and laugh but the laughter comes at the most unexpected time. In fact I wasn’t sure whether I should laugh when Vijay Sethupathi says ‘Ppahh…’ or feel for the girl who for no reason of her was humiliated.

It’s true that no one could have acted like this guy who kept on saying the same dialogue in the same way as always. As Bugs says ‘sathiyamae ipdi yaralayum nadikellam mudiyathu da…’


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