Movie Review – Gravity

Posted: October 14, 2013 in Movie Reviews
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Gravity was never in my list. Sci fi for one never gets into my list, add to it it’s a 3D. It’s so tough to understand and I’m not willing to understand too. And 3D makes me sick; I’ve not liked any other film than Avatar. After Avatar everything looks like just a technical gimmick. But knowing that this film is by Alfonso Cuaron and I had an extra day holiday with nothing to do I ended up in theatres for Gravity. Sathyam wasn’t its usual self that day. It was relatively empty with tickets to be got so easily. You never expect that kind of crowd on a holiday in the city’s best multiplex.


Gravity was to the point right from the first scene. It transports you to space right from scene one. We see (we don’t exactly see his whole face) Clooney going around the space craft in his usual charming self with only the lead technical expert unhappy over something. There is one more guy with them in space and enjoying himself. Seeing them so happy up above the world so high was joyous. I wanted to be in space. The site of earth from there was brilliant. But the happiness as we all know is short lived.

There is a Russian spacecraft nearby which has gone down and debris from it is going to knock them down any time. They get a command to shut down which makes Clooney take command. He gets wholly serious and commands all the members of the team showing who really the boss out there is. Then its Bullocks show all the way from there, even though Clooney comes for a certain scene and gets maximum applause.

I’m a big big fan of his Children of Men. It’s one of the best action/thriller ever made and also has one of the best chase sequences. Here too technically (to my knowledge) it was brilliant. The funny thing about the movie is not only the characters but the camera too doesn’t comply with the gravity. They keep on moving and give you a feeling as if you are really in space. The characters come out of the most unexpected part of the frame.

There were parts where I was genuinely afraid. Space and 3D seems to be a good combo. It gives you the wholesome effect. The only thing that filmmakers have to do now is go to space in reality and shoot pictures. But this movie felt as if he had really gone to the moon.

It was funny when a guy sitting behind asked the fellow sitting next to him whether the movie has been really shot in space. He replied in negative. The one who answered didn’t look like a knowledgeable fellow and had a girly mannerism to him. But he understood what he have to. He said one can’t survive in space without the helmet and Clooney’s coming back to the space ship was a dream. He was content. Lesson learnt. You can’t judge people by their looks.

Like every movie of Cuaron this too had a lot of motif and allegory to it. The one I could get was the comparison of Bullock with that of growing fetus. If you compare the movie that way you’d love the film. Once Clooney goes out of sight she locks herself into one of the pods in fetus position with wires hanging around her. She gets a lot of doubts whether she can survive or not. She gets the much needed motivation from someone and finally blows out of the bubble and lands home baby stepping herself towards life.

Credit could be given to have this subtle underlying theme throughout the film but this doesn’t mean that the film should be appreciated wholly for this one theme. I felt this film wouldn’t have worked without 3D and on the other hand this film doesn’t need to have worked on 3D too. So you never know it’s a two sided coin but it fell on the side that I hadn’t called for.


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