Movie Review – Before Midnight

Posted: October 12, 2013 in Movie Reviews
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I don’t think I’ve ever been crazy about any film other than Before Sunrise. When it was almost 12 on a Friday night and my eyes were burning the thought of watching Before Midnight right at midnight on the start of a long weekend crossed my mind and my eyes instantaneously lit up. My previous wish was to watch a night show of this movie and take a walk after midnight but sadly that couldn’t happen as the movie won’t release here.

before midnight

The first shot was disappointing. Jesse (Ethan Hawke) was with a young kid, his son. I was taken aback when I came to know that they’ve grown up and would have kids eventually. I couldn’t accept the fact that they grow old. And I couldn’t accept other that there was someone other than Jesse and Celine (Julie Delpy) occupying the frame. I’m so possessive of them.  I don’t want any element of the universe disturbing them.

Of the three movies the second one had the best opening. A writer signing books and the lady who is his inspiration looking through the doors. It was ideal. Everyone who had lost his love would want to hug with this situation of showing himself (more than her) being successful and kicking. It was a different story here. Ethan is divorced and has just sent his son to London for schooling. His present wife Celine is with a twins of their own. They start in a car and start conversing, what we want them to do in the movie. For some strange reason I didn’t like them married. I so wanted them to be in love. With the initial conversations I could find out that their love has gone done. With age it happens yes, at least the way of expressing but I couldn’t bear them to fall apart. I couldn’t accept them having difference of opinion.

Irony of the movie is that the best conversation happens when a group of people have lunch together. Though the conversation was brilliant I again would have loved them two to have the best conversation in the movie and not the others.  Finally after the dinner they walk alone. This time for some strange reason I felt they were jumping topics a bit too quickly. Trying to talk as much before the midnight. It was not the case in the previous two movies. And when Celine tells, “isn’t it strange that we are here walking and talking” I didn’t get the nostalgia because I had already got them when the camera started to move along with them when they were walking. My point is she shouldn’t have said what she said. We should have thought it rather.

One more thing I found this time was Celine being a bit impractical or it may be way too practical too. I could sympathize more with Jesse. I thought he was the one who was genuinely trying to keep the relationship in tact whereas Celine was busy trying to poke at whatever Jesse says. May be he being writer could be more rational. I could associate with him. I could see that he was controlling the temper when Celine says that he thinks he’s rational because he’s a writer. I’ve come across these situations. His reactions were exactly the same as mine. He was angry but he goes out to console. How many times it has happened with me. For some strange reason I don’t feel like a fool then. This in spite of knowing that the conversation ended in the specific way not because of me. Genuine reactions they were.

I was expecting too much from this film. I guess I won’t like Before Sunrise if I watch it again now. I’d like to watch Before Sunrise anytime and all the time but I won’t watch. That’s reserved for some special moment. I’m also afraid that I’d hate at least one bit of the movie. I wasn’t much fond of even sunset. May be I’m not matured. May be I don’t want to. May be I don’t want them too. I’m a sucker for good love stories after Sunrise. It was ideal. I never thought I’d go out and tell everyone that my forte is love story. Thanks to Karan Johar and likes for making me hate to say this. But this guy Linklater comes from nowhere and makes me feel that love is the best thing that can happen to one.

Ideally I should have grown along with the movie. I envy the lucky few who did. If that had been the case may be I’d have liked the entire series of movies equally or maybe I wouldn’t have liked them at all. I watched these three movies in two years gap. The first one is close to my heart because it was the first and I never expected any film to like that. After watching the film that was the first time I said that this is how I wanted to make films. It was the same case with Midnight’s Children where I said this is how I want to write the book.

I don’t know whether the movie series should continue. I’m feeling more and more detached from the movie and I don’t want them to fight with each other, whatever may be the case. If its love its Romeo and Juliet for all but for me its Jesse and Celine.

P.S: After a gap of 4-5 years I thought I should overcome my ego and use subtitles so that I don’t miss even a single dialogue from the movie but I went against it and watched it without the subtitles and I didn’t miss even  a single dialogue. It’s not that my proficiency being the only reason behind this. I feel as if they are talking for me.


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