Sex sells! And that’s about it. Dubbed as ‘Mummy Porn’ by some agency, ‘t was right to a certain extent. One of my friend commented about the book saying that these things won’t appeal for us but only for old people. I can’t comment on that but except for the glamour there wasn’t anything towards the end. What I thought would have great amount of sexual tension which the great film makers like Paul Thomas Anderson and Bernardo Bertolucci use it very judiciously, didn’t have any tension that was hyped for.


This book was more like a female fantasy where everyone looks beautiful in one way or other. One writer had mentioned before that in films we could easily differentiate between porn films and films which use sex as just a tool but in writing it’s very tough to differentiate. But this book has escaped the soft porn or ‘Mummy Porn’ status that it has been actually dubbed off. The book had a definite story, even though it’s minimal and used sex as only a tool. In fact there isn’t nothing much even in the sex part which we already don’t know.

Of the three books the one which appealed me most is the second one. The first one was interesting because I was reading pulp after a long time but the second book had some real tension and we could see E. L. James evolving as a writer. The best scene should be the one where Grey kneels down to show that he’d like to be even the submissive to get Ana back. That scene has great ingredient to be made into an awesome one. One more part I liked is when the Grey family share an inside joke according to Anastasia. We don’t get the explanation till the end. It’s good because we know what Anastasia knows. Other than that I couldn’t see much which I could appreciate. The last book was the dullest one with a highly guessable climax.

When making it into a feature film obviously you can’t make it as explicitly as the book. That is going to take away the meaning from the film. I don’t have even a bone in my body looking forward to see the movie but let’s see how it fares.


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