Movie Review – Ninaithale Inikkum

Posted: October 11, 2013 in Movie Reviews
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It was my dream to watch this movie in theatres. Because the movies rights was with Raj TV, I haven’t watched any part of the film except for the scene where Rajni hears the voice in tape in the wrong side first and then turns to the correct side. It had trademark KB’s touch to it. I was unaware of many facts and also was rather wrong about certain facts. I thought the music was by Ilayaraja and was raving the serpents music in ‘Engeyum Eppodhum’ for a long time. I don’t know why my conscience couldn’t register that the song was by MSV in spite of hearing the opening of the remix song. And I wasn’t aware that this movie was written by Sujatha. KB is one of the rare directors who use other writers. Other directors think that writing too forms there quintessential part. After knowing that the screenplay and dialogues was by Sujatha I couldn’t guess whether those unique touches were because of Sujatha or K Balachander.

Ninaithale Inikkum (1979)

To appreciate the restored print this movie should have been watched in Sathyam main screen along with my family. My mom reportedly watched this movie 5 times at that time and was saying that she still doesn’t remember the story. Now I know why. But sadly this movie didn’t get a release like Karnan. But I anyhow wanted to watch this. After my Spiti experience I was afraid to go alone anywhere so I was almost on verge of missing it. Thanks to my friend, a Rajni fan who said he’d accompany me to theatre. We decided it’d be Baby Albert. The theatre was very bad and the crowd was very rude. I’ve never complained about the crowd anytime in my life before, in fact I like watching movies like that with a noisy crowd but this time it was not the case. There were a group of hooligans called Rajni fans entered the theatre and didn’t let me hear a single dialogue of his and was bad mouthing Kamal throughout the movie. That too just after me saying to my friend, “There isn’t much enmity between Kamal and Rajni fans isn’t it”

I was more interested to watch this movie because of Rajni’s character. Rajni plays a loser. Yes, can you believe it? When was the last time you’ve seen Rajni play a loser. Or is there any time for that matter. Kamal is as perfect as he is. Though the main story revolves around Kamal, when it comes to screen space there isn’t much difference. KB has been clear in dividing the screen space between these two legends. But if Kamal had seen the movie in the theatre I saw he’d have been heartbroken because back in those days he’d have got cheered and how life has changed in the span of 30 odd years. Funny world!

The heroines’ part, Jaya Pradha as well as the multiple heroines whom Rajni falls for was quite unstable. If you think back you won’t know how the movie concluded. And when Jaya Pradha dies in the end you won’t even know whether you are supposed to feel sad or relived. She was quite irritating as well as annoying. I was feeling sorry for Kamal who was falling for her again and again. And in the end when Kamal cries even the Rajni fans who were mocking him throughout clapped for him. That’s acting!

I shouldn’t say that I was completely irritated by Rajni fans. I loved their show too. Especially the lone member who was shouting Super Star time and again throughout the course of the movie. This movie would have been greater than this if the other two stars were replaced by one Telugu and Malayalam superstar. Well too much of ask isn’t it.

Reviewing about the movie without the talking about the songs would make the review incomplete. Such fabulous songs! 12 songs in all and all were super hit. You feel like you’re hearing songs every now and then but there is also a story which runs for 141 minutes which keeps you engaged rather than being a dumb musical where story seems to be interrupting artificially like how songs interrupt rest of the films. Like how the movie had the legends of acting the songs had legends who were at the peak singing for the stars. See the dimension SPB brings to the songs and see how he modifies for Kamal and Rajni. All songs of Kamal have similar voice but Namma Ooru Sinkar by MSV is totally different. I wasn’t convinced that it was SPB who sang this song until I confirmed in Wiki.

If not for the theatre this movie experience would have been even more fabulous. Hope I get to watch 16 Vayathinilae in good theatre at least.


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