When the hero is in black suit in a flashy car and you like him instantly, a commercial movie’s intention is well satisfied. That was exactly my reaction when I saw The Lincoln Lawyer. I liked Matthew McConaughey instantly. Not only that I’m currently reading 50 Shades trilogy. I thought he’d suit the lead role of Mr. Grey perfectly. You see all these permutations and combinations lead to 1 very few times. That’s why I keep on saying that a movie’s impact severely depends not on the timing of the release but the time we watch the film and the mood we’re in.

The Lincoln Lawyer

It was Friday night I watched this movie and naturally I was on a high. I was missing on Hollywood stuffs for quite some time and this was not the movie that was in my list. As my DVD player was down I had no other go but to watch this movie. I somehow knew that this movie is going to good and it proved to be right.  The cast was brilliant in the movie and the way they were casted. Nothing new but they looked perfect for the roles they were put in. William H. Macy as Mickey’s (Matthew McConaughey) friend Frank Levin was as awesome as always. And the most interesting character was Mickey’s driver Jack (Laurence Mason) who knows what music exactly to put for the situation. Funny ain’t it.

The movie has a rather tight plot to go by. Matthew McConaughey plays a no nonsense lawyer Mickey Haller who helps local goons for money. He’s quite successful in what he does and that’s when he lands into his dream case of saving a play boy millionaire. But he doesn’t know that he’s being forced into it by the Louis (Ryan Phillippe) so that he couldn’t let out details about him. How he gets to deal with the situation forms the story.

There is not a single dull moment in the movie. It races throughout with ease. In the courtroom the way he hides is tension by grinding his teeth was a treat to watch. Louis looks menacing in the few scenes he comes. Though he doesn’t look menacing his attitude surely his. The family disintegration and the way the ex husband and wife share relationship too were shown in a beautiful way. This movie pretty much has everything to be satisfied with. Wouldn’t go down as an epic film but definitely a taut pop corn thriller.

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