Movie Review – Raja Rani

Posted: October 5, 2013 in Movie Reviews
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I’m not sure whether I’d have watched this movie if not for a friend’s family treat. Other than watching just for free of cost I actually did enjoy the promos of Raja Rani in Vijay TV. But that was a reason too for thinking whether it was a wise choice to watch movie. Owing to time constraint I had to pick and choose films nowadays. Arya is a charismatic guy when it comes to giving interviews, add to it there was Nayanthara who was stunning after a long time, the director was a youngster. The only one missed in all those interviews was cutie pie Nazria. Not sure why they haven’t included here. They could have attracted lot more viewers like me. One more thing other than the glamour I liked about the cast was the clarity of thoughts the director had. He didn’t look to be just another director. He was wise enough to tell about the story but not about the suspense.

raja rani

Coming to the movie, I wasn’t really in a steady state to criticize it. The movie had a decent story attached to it as said by the director and reasonably well executed. But thanks to face book there were little hints about things to expect. One had said that it’s a mix of every love story and other had said about Nazriya being super cute and twist in climax. So it wasn’t tough to find out what the climax will be, the suspense in Nazriya’s role or rather the love epic’s of yesteryears effect. In spite of all this the film worked to a certain fundamental level. That’s because the film didn’t have any flaws.

It was a surface level film alright and that’s where the comedians get to score and needless to say Santhanam was fabulous and songs played a huge part in making the film success. G. V. Prakash is one good music director who could give you a decent output for entertainers like this. You can’t expect a fabulous output like Gangs of Wasseypur with this movie but what he has done, he has done well. The song ‘Ai papa’ especially was very good. It could work very well if someone had to perform for an unplugged show. This guy has something in his voice too. His rendition is pure and soothing to hear. He sings the songs with a smile and that reflects on screen.

There isn’t much to look out for in the Nayanthara version of the story. It was like an extension of Engeyum Eppothum. But the pretty lady who played Nayanthara’s friend was a treat to watch. She was equally good looking in Neethanae En Ponvasantham too. She does justice to the petty friend role that she gets. In fact looks prettier than Nayanthara. Jai doesn’t do anything much to impress. Sathyaraj too was a disappointment playing a loving father. Everything was overdone. That’s why the film becomes a surface level one.

Here in Arya’s story the plot was as silly as the first one but Nazriya was a treat to watch. Add to it there was Santhanam. He was as witty as he could. This movie would go down as one of his finest performances. He just takes the movie through to the climax. There was an article title ‘comedy dada’ in a Tamil magazine a few weeks back. He stays true to the title. Nazriya as of now looks good as she’s doing what she does best. Being chirpy and all but the point is how long can she be doing the same. I hope she doesn’t get stuck in this mode like how Anushka got stuck in her bubbly mode after Band Baja Baraat.

The director struck gold with the characters he has used and cast for it. Even the story is a wee bit on the downside the characters take it forward because of some neat performances by the cast. All the love stories work and there is beautiful chemistry in each one of these. The director being a youngster could understand the young people’s vibe and being the assistant director of Shankar he has done well with all the commercial aspects. It’s a winner on cards; there is no doubt in that but beyond that will it stay in the memory? That’s the question. The answer is pretty much evident but that doesn’t seem to be a thing that the director would have worried about. Atlee being a youngster gets the sympathy of every youngster watching the film.


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