Movie Review – Onaayum Aattukkuttiyum

Posted: October 5, 2013 in Movie Reviews
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I asked ticket for the ticket of Onaayum Aattukkuttiyum at Sathyam counter. The guy asked said to his peer, “Aattukkutti ticket onnu…”

Onayum Aatukuttiyum

The film comes to the point right from the first scene right from scene one. There is a trade mark weird top angle shot by Mysskin right at the first scene. I haven’t watched Mysskin films much. The only film that I properly watched of his is Nandalala which was a pathetic remake of Japanese film Kikujiro. So except for few camera angles I wasn’t impressed by Mysskin much. Even for this film I was told by my friend that it is awesome otherwise I would have easily missed it. When my friend and I were talking about this film he told that Mysskin had to stick posters himself for the film as there was no publicity. Again I’m not sure how much of this is true. One more reason that stoked my curiosity for watching this film is Ilayaraaja. When I type Ilayaraaja I remember how Sun Music’s Yaaz Sudhakar pronounces his name, “Nadhakala Jothi Ilayaraaja…”

Right after the titles we get to see one of the two bad scenes in the movie. I thought this movie was going to be pure art. But this scene spoiled some artistry of it. A group of people involve in various activities seeing a dead man lying on the road. Yes, this might happen in public but to I’d have loved to see the expressions rather than mere words. Once Chandru (Sri) operates The Wolf (Mysskin) the film has a smooth flow till the cemetery long shot scene. It was almost flawless till that moment keeping everyone, I mean literally everyone in theatre hooked to it. It’s a rarity that people in front row seats too were appreciating minute nuances and people from back row were hooting for the mass scenes. See, there isn’t much difference. There is never a good student, bad student but only a good teacher, bad teacher.

I misunderstood Mysskin to SPB Charan from the blink and miss posters which I saw on the way even though Charan is not this fat now. Mysskin has acted really well in this film compared to Nandalala. I could understand his agony. It’s hard to try and convince a top actor to do this role. Vikram would have been ideal for this role but we all know he would have never acted in one such small film. On the other hand Sri was terrific. I haven’t watched Vazhakku Enn 18/9 but I guess he’d have outperformed that film here. It’s also good to see that the one who helps the needful is not a poor guy but from a reasonably well worthy family.

What Yuvan did to Aaranya Kaandam, Ilayaraja has done to Onaayum Aatukkuttiyum in fact better it. Throughout the film the music was defining. Such master class music it was, perfectly suiting the situation. Needless to say background music too was fascinating. In fact Ilayaraaja’s name comes with the heading ‘munnaniyil isai.’ Not only that there are lots in credits that could be discussed. Later! Talking about the background music there is a scene were Chandru hits The Wolf and symphony goes up and down and stops abruptly when The Wolf faints and again gets up the music starts from the point where it stopped.

The whole five minute sequence was superbly shot. Chandru (the goat) and the police, the innocent ones sit under the light with full brightness, Edward’s (Mysskin) family member sit under partial lighting, one who’s innocence is not completely intact and The Wolf who stands in complete darkness signifying he’s the one who’s totally corrupt. Metaphors like these lift the film one notch up.

When everything was in place, there comes the long shot of Mysskin telling the flashback which could have been avoided for two reasons. He wasn’t very good in acting out that long shot and the mystery could have remained as such. Then Chandru turning heroic and going behind The Wolf was pretty normal for any Tamil thriller movie. Even the lone CBI officer whom the police fail to understands is a character taken straight out of a thriller book.

The movie ends in an expected way. No surprise in that but I can’t think of any other ending and I can’t think the director would have intended to end it in any different way too. But having said that the end credits was a treat to watch where the each of the characters are given specific names of animals in forest. As most of their names are unknown and my literary knowledge in Tamil is less I couldn’t correlate the characters name with that of the living beings in forest. I’m watching a lot of Tamil films and loving every one of it. It sure is a golden era in Tamil cinema.

Well… about the first line, you know what it is…


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