Movie Review – Idharkuthane Aasaipattai Balakumarara

Posted: October 2, 2013 in Movie Reviews
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This guy Vijay Sethupathi never ceases to amaze me. Proudly I can now say that I’m his fan. He’s making me give respect to him as much as I do for Mr. Kamal Hassan. Not only is he an actor but an artist who has thorough knowledge in every aspect of film making. And see how matured he is. When quizzing him about the hardships he has faced to come to the industry he never once says about the struggle but attributes the initial years for learning purposes. When he is so willing to learn how can he fail? And that’s why he is so good as choosing scripts. He not only works for the bounded scripts but reads scripts from directors who make short film and gives his opinion, makes changes with director’s ascent and not to glamorize his role. At the end of the day he’s Sumar Moonji Kumaru.

idharkuthane aasaipattai balakumara

Now he’s a star and makes us yearn for a good few minutes before he shows his face. It worked for this film. It shouldn’t be a barrier for him in future films because he should surprise us and not get into the hero mould. Vijay Sethupathi plays Sumar Moonji Kumar who’s in love with the girl opposite to his housing board lower middle class flat. His favorite past time is boozing. In short he’s nothing but a loafer whose only work is to get hold of the girl Aruna.

Then there is Bala (Ashwin Kakamanu). A handsome looking marketing executive who hates his job. So needless to say I love this guy. One more thing he attributes to his unsuccessfulness is his girl friend Renu (Swathi). Swathi doesn’t exhibit the charm that she did in Subramaniapuram. They don’t have much to do except for a song and few romantic sequences. Ashwin initially struggles to get hold of the character but somehow moulds into one after a few minutes. His friends in fact are better than him when it comes to character. But the idea is to have someone who is in stark contrast to Sumar Moonji Kumar. So here’s a super good looking guy. But in the film the one who scores is Sumar Moonji Kumar. Vijay Sethupathi just doesn’t let anyone become awesome than him.

There are a string of characters whom you see with their names initially. It helps us to remember their names. The traffic signal scene is a good one. The Naan Kadavul Rajendran story is slightly disappointing one of the lot of intertwined stories. But the LMAO moment comes in this part of the story. Remember the Aaromalae… scene. The theatre burst out laughing. Only their part seemed to stifling a bit too much to be humorous.

The story is brilliantly written, equally brilliant is the screenplay and editing. When Kumar is busy telling how Kumuda is made happy by him it directly cuts to Bala’s story and then comes back here without giving us a hint. The language between the two leads are very much in contrast. In fact Bala’s part is well written than Kumar. Kumar’s part has a lot of scope for witty dialogues and Karki scores big time. I’m not sure whether the entire dialogue part was handled by Karki. But Bala’s part where a lot of banking jargons were used must have been written for sure by Karki. You don’t see this much depth in the part of the story where less bankable actors are there. It’s a welcome change.

Idharkuthanae Asaipattai Balakumara. See how brilliant the title is as well as how misleading it is. The initial posters were of Vijay Sethupathi in uncanny situations holding a number of Oscars and doing stuffs which we don’t associate with him, at least for the title. And right away you know it’s a sarcastic title. And it’s how it plays in the movie. It’s a sarcastic title but in what way. It’s not a story about Balakumar. It’s about Bala and Kumar and the third person pointing his finger at him and asking Idharkuthanae Asaipattai Balakumara. The whole situation happens because of their drinking habit.

The film doesn’t exactly try to give out a message but it could be taken in that way too. That’s the speciality. If Bala had not made an attempt to catch the last beer which was about to fall in TASMAC, if the husband had not sat for a full in TASMAC, if the murder hadn’t happened and if the always drinking Kumar had got drunk then the whole situation would have been different. And that badge which is in his shirt winks at us at last. It’s a beautiful way to say a message. It’s like how teacher makes even a boring lesson look good with her skills. Add to it the movie releases on October 2nd Gandhi Jayanthi when there is a ban for liquor throughout the country. It was an irony when Soodhu Kavvum released on workers day. This guys is either blessed or super talented to get even the timing of the release perfectly.

Throughout the film Kumar plays second fiddle. He doesn’t have much to do. Is a loser as always but he takes us everyone by surprise towards the climax. Makes us whistle and hoot for every single action of his during the climax. And shows everyone who’s the real hero.

To have watched this film with my family in Sathyam is not a good idea I guess. It’s more of a guy movie but would be enjoyed for the storytelling. Even the songs were judiciously placed and had a hint of humor in it. The director makes us yearn for the super famous prayer song which comes at the fag end of the film but in such a perfect situation. It feels really good to see awesome situations for songs.

I’d really like to meet this guy and talk whole heartedly and in fact even would like to make a film with him. If wishes may come true…


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