Movie Review – A Streetcar Named Desire

Posted: September 22, 2013 in Movie Reviews
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A streetcar Named Desire is a heavy movie to be taken upon. If it’s heavy at this point think how it’d have been at the time of the release. The censors played a huge role in cutting down the film. The movie in itself, with or without the censors is highly unsettling. Add to it was the performance by the amazing cast. Everyone of the lead actors except Brando got an Oscar for this film, can you imagine that. Though primarily its Vivien Leigh’s film Brando hasn’t taken a step wrong. Such is his class. Every movement of his is a marvel in the film.

A Streetcar Named Desire

Of the Brando, Elia Kazan combination I found this film better that On the Waterfront though Brando was equally brilliant in both. But seeing Brando as a young, athletic man with all T-Shirt and sweat was a treat to watch. In fact the T shirt seemed to have been specially made for him as fitting T shirts were not available during those times. Brando makes full use of his physique (remember how he clears the table?), not that he needs a physique to look menacing. But this physique adds to the roughness of the character. Brando does the role of a brutal young chauvinistic man with Elan. He looks like a typical Scorsee mobster protagonist. He scores full time with is acting yet again.

Then there is Vivien Leigh whose name appears before Brano’s and rightly so. She gets to perform a role of her lifetime through this movie. She’s a confused individual who doesn’t let us know what her confusion is and why she’s distraught. She makes us as confused as she is. How fine she has acted and all her mood swings were a treat to watch.

You get the explanation of the title within the first few minutes of the film yet the film keeps you intrigued till the climax. In fact I couldn’t take Brando as an antagonist. I thought what he did was right. He was sincere at least even though being a brutal, merciless individual. If I had been in that place even I’d have thought of hurting Blanch (Vivien Leigh). See how she disturbs the whole family. Not that Stanley (Marlon Brando) and Stella (Kim Hunter) were cute romantic couples but they had some way of living together, well “in piece,” in one piece at least.

I’ve watched very few American films which deal with poor class. I feel fascinated by the subject. Of course poor people are fascinating than the ones who have all but that’s not the only criteria. People who don’t have money too live in this world and think a lot about many things other than money. That’s what differentiates this film with Treasures of Sierra Madre. Even though that too is a brilliant film, the primary motive is money and the aftermaths but here people are intrigued about other things as well.

This movie has been accused of having a Hollywood type of climax but I don’t find it that Hollywoodish. It’s still an open ending. Stella could still be upstairs or come back. Though I highly think the probability is higher towards the latter.


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