Movie Review – Tamil M.A.

Posted: September 15, 2013 in Movie Reviews
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I prefer to call this Tamil M.A rather than Kattradhu Thamizh. One film which was in my wish list for so long. Finally got to watch it and was rather disturbed at the end of it. The fever which I already had aggravated watching the film. Not sure whether it was because of the film or was because how disturbing the film was. What I thought of the film was it’d be an entertainer which would tease IT company but it wasn’t the case. It was like an extension of the interview which Ram gave for visual communication students right after the movie.


Prabhakar (Jiiva) and Ram are almost the same characters. He is supposed to have said that he had killed everyone who had hurt him during earlier days through the screenplay of the film. He has a way with words. The film doesn’t let you be at ease right from the first. The turmoil that Prabhakar undergoes right from the time he was born was something which couldn’t be digested that easily. In fact it makes us even think how can an individual be so unfortunate in life.

The only happy part that Prabhakar has during his time is when he lives with his Tamil teacher who’s anything. And he cites that as a reason to join as a Tamil student. Jeeva acts quite brilliantly in that scene, says those words quite nonchalantly. Anjali on the other hand makes a brilliant debut with this movie. She’s a princess of small budget movies. What a brilliant actor she is. She exhibits the same brilliance that she does now right from the first movie. I quite forgot about the fact that this was her debut movie and she didn’t show a glimpse of being a fresher to cinema on screen.

Though the film showed promise it was propogandish as well as brutally honest. I don’t know whether I’d have killed the couples on beach if I had not got a girlfriend, I don’t know if I had killed a ticket conductor if I didn’t have money. Prabhakar while giving interview to Yuvaan-Suang (Karunas) asks whether it’s his mistake that he wasn’t born with money or he didn’t get a girlfriend. Frankly, I don’t know.  But Karunas says no and says that he too used to put sugar in a costly vehicle owned by his neighbor. I could accept revenge up to that level. This attitude might also attribute to the fact that I’m born in a normal family, surrounded by normal people, studied normally and lived thus far normally. Which is how Yuvaan would have lived. The hardships that Prabhakar has faced would have made him a stone hearted man. The problem is I couldn’t put myself in his shoes completely and view the world. Whenever he takes a stance and delivers a message it sounds propogandish to me.

This is where I was afraid that Ram’s anger would overtake his vision of art. That was the problem with the film. Certain junctures are highly artistic and then comes certain scenes which shows his plain anger. One of my friends used to say that only with pain and failure comes artistry. I’m not a firm believer of that part. You don’t have to have a horrid past necessarily to become an artist. The only thing that matters for the artist is his passion which could emerge from anywhere, not just bitterness.

Taking about the scenes where he shows his anger, the IT office scene. For a movie which was so well researched the office scene was quite bad. Where does a 2 Lakh earning guy sits in such small cubicle, the English spoken in the office too were quite superficial. I loved the scene where he thinks about his school teachers when a lady asks his friend to buy a burger. That was the most hilarious scene of the movie. Through these scenes I get what he’s trying to say about cost of living but may be because he didn’t know how exactly an IT office functions inside he has not shot well.

A similar scene to this where he ridicules a BPO employee was brilliant. I know it’d be a favorite scene for many out there because of the way he ridicules our job. The Tamil verse he says after the scene was also quite fabulous. Jeeva supposedly said in an interview that it took a long time to come out of the role because it was emotionally exhausting. I second that. It was the best role done by Jeeva till date. It’s as hard hitting as any role could be and needless to say he was brilliant!


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