Movie Review – Maryan

Posted: September 14, 2013 in Movie Reviews
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An outright boring fill from first till last. A masala film to be liked by so many people is fine but why this? And where is Rahman going with his music. Songs were good but Rahman is not just an album maker. For the songs that were good, situations were pathetic. Dhanush repeats his same agonizing act. Parvathi was a breath of fresh air. A dusky beauty after a long time. Those were my first impressions about the movie.


Maatran made Kadal look like an epic. Kadal could have been an epic if it’d have continued the promise it showed during the first few minutes. Mariyan on the other hand was nothing. There was no grip throughout the film. The story was floating here and there. And I couldn’t sense what the exact intention of making such a film. It’s a story which we’ve have seen for quite a few decades and the way it was shot, there was nothing special in that too. The lead pair were trying their best to make this movie a class but being bored of Dhanush’s acting I couldn’t really appreciate that too. Parvathi was brilliant though. A dusky beauty after a long time. She was scintillatingly sexy. Good the movie wasn’t as provocative as the trailer. In the trailer all I could concentrate on was Parvathi’s breasts while running here and there. She proved she’s much worth than being a mere eye candy. She was a treat to eyes as well.

I initially misunderstood Parvathi Menon to Parvathy Omanakuttan as I knew both of them only by names and not face. Then I was mentioned about the film Poo for which she missed the national award because she hadn’t dubbed for the film. Not sure it was she or someone else who dubbed for this film. How I hate this concept of dubbing! She’s got a tad overboard with her acting in Poo. I’ve watched only a few scenes so can’t really come to a verdict but Mariyan was a definite mark in her career. Let’s see how she proceeds from here on.

Good thing about the movie was that it wasn’t a remake of Blood Diamond/City of Gods because after all those trailers with African kids I was bound to think that way. Even though it was good thing it didn’t help much because whatever I saw was pretty bad than how a bad remake would have been.

We’ll talk about songs. Mariyan naan… What I thought to be a song of celebration was a sad song. I came to know that while watching the film and that was the first time I listened to the music. Do you make a sad song with such high tempo? Rahman? Was he trying anything different? Songs in first half were pretty good. Not greatly shot though. As the couple escape from Tuticorn to Andaman during songs in Kadal here they escape from muddy beach to the landscaped sun soaked beaches during songs. And it’s all the same costumes. Seems Bharat Bala didn’t want to waste much time shooting songs so he gave one dress, took a few montage and used it everywhere.

Few scenes when Dhanush is captured remind us about Pudhupettai. Not comparing the brilliant piece of art with this but it felt so but again it was repetitive and irritating to see the same old struggling act. No sympathies for Dhanush this time. Trailer was a big spoiler. Any trailer is but this especially was a huge one. While Dhanush was in the van the only thing that I could constantly think of was he getting caught by the African kids.

In all it was very assumable and adamant to go beyond the clichés. Climax adding to it. So during the climax when Dhanush sees the water I was like. Oh no not again! And its staying with me ever since.


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