Movie Review – Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani

Posted: August 15, 2013 in Movie Reviews
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Yeh Jawaani Hae Deewani could be broken down into two parts. The first half and second half could have well been made into two separate movies. Let me review the first one from trekker’s point of view and the second one from a reviewer’s point of view.


Trekkers POV:

–          You don’t hang your almost 70 to 80 Litre heavy bag in one hand and go casually on a trek.

–          You don’t consume alcohol while trekking (This may not be completely true because there are some people who drink while trekking and in my recent biking trip I even saw a man doing grass on the go. May be they are strong people. But while going with an organized group you don’t do this usually as it hampers your resistance)

–          You don’t decide about a trek just a day before and go. Come on where you would get the bags, trekking gears in one day. It took me a year to prepare for a biking trip.

–          You don’t wear your itsie bitsies while doing a trek and your hair, makeup doesn’t stay intact all the time.

–          Finally show some not always funny moments while trekking too. Not everything is fun while doing a trek. Don’t you get tired and exhausted even at one juncture?


So that’s a pricks point of view of the movie I watched while returning from Manali after my not so sweet biking trip. This movie was never in my list of movies to be watched. The trailer itself was enough indication for me to stay away from the movie but as it was telecasted in my bus while travelling from Manali to New Delhi I had no other go but to watch. I can’t believe that I had to struggle to watch the second half of the movie because after the first half our dinner point came and the movie was switched off.

As I watched the movie in two sittings I was eager to know how the movie would shape up. Bunny (Ranbir) is a charming young heartthrob just out of college. He has friends, he has fans and he is good in everything he does. He has a passion for travelling. As much as I do! I loved it where he maintains a diary of all the places and wall filled with Ghajini style map of various places to visit. Nice shot that. But as an artist he doesn’t do anything noteworthy. He lives a dream which we all have. Tries to make us envy but on the process gets overboard with the fact that he is cool. We come to the conclusion that we never could be Bunny. He is an ideal positive material taken right out from the book of positivity. No depth in characterization at all.

Not only him. Naina, (Deepika) the nerd comes out as a girl who would suddenly turn hot as soon as she removes her specs. Such typecasts. She is a boring individual who doesn’t consume alcohol but befriends the hottest guy in the gang by saying a lengthy dialogue about ‘how infamous she was in the class.’ When are these guys going to stop making movies about an infamous first rank hottie. Why not a make a movie about 400 blows nothing guy? The closest that came to was 7G Rainbow colony. But again he was shown as such a bad ass guy. Stanley Ka Dubba was one movie which I could say was as good as 400 blows. It would have become a perfect piece of art if the climax had been cut off. Nevertheless it still remains a brilliant movie.

Kalki Koechlin was the most irritating character of the lot. You don’t show Kalki as a hot woman. I’ve never found her one. Hope it’s the same with others too. She is famous because she’s herself. She’s as ugly as a pot when she smiles. But it’s her quirky undaunting smile while made her famous. And that’s the reason I like her too. See how good she’s in movies like Dev D and Shaitan. Such a brilliant actor. Don’t waste her please…

The only sense of respite was Aditya Roy Kapur. Though his role was an extension of his previous movie Aashiqui 2 he did it with elan. This guy was so sure of his role that he did it to perfection. We could not understand him till the end. The scenes where he asks Ranbir not to buy him with his dollars and tells Ranbir not to waste his hard earned money makes us curious. The curiosity stays till the end because we hardly get to know him till the end. That’s how he is.

Reviewers POV:

Though the first half was insanely crazy with its antics there were things to expect in the second half because. After 8 years you’d want to see how these friends would react. Everyone looked dashing. No denying that.

Ranbir makes a fabulous entry with Badtameez dil song. He utters two great dialogues through the course of the movie which makes us feel good but these things we should have got through his actions more than his words. In commercial cinema, as it gave me goose bumps I could forgive it. I’ve to accept Ranbir was charming.

The whole marriage ceremony was a disaster in the second half. The songs, the emotions, a quirky girl, a cheesy engineer, everything was stereotypical. The only saving point of the second half was when Ranbir asks whether Kalki wants to go on with the marriage only to be proved wrong by his thoughts. Aditya on the other hand keeps asking the question but he hardly means it in his metastable state. As a compulsive better and as a melancholic alcoholic he was a treat to watch in the second half too. He looked matured during the second half.

Deepika was a much more confident individual. She was ravishing as usual and the chemistry, yes it was decent. But those dialogues which make use of their real time past seemed to be inserted purposefully to garner a few tears. Above all they did well.

Ayan Mukerjee’s Wake Up Sid is one brilliant movie. Yae Jawaani Hae Deewani couldn’t even come close to it. Don’t know how much of it is Ayan’s idea and how much Ranbir has interfered in that. We all know how big a Madhuri’s fan Ranbir is. The first song seemed to be totally out of place. Seemed to have been purposefully inserted. Wake Up Sid was made with Ranbir in mind as an actor. This whereas was made with Ranbir in mind as a star and that tells you everything.


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