Movie Review – Three Colors: Blue, White and Red

Posted: July 30, 2013 in Movie Reviews
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I guess the first movie I watched of Kieslowski was The Double Life of Veronique. It was during initial stages of my career. Yea now I can say that movie watching has become part of my life, a career by itself. Then I watched The Decalogue on a trot. All 10 movies over one weekend. So both these experiences were awful. About the former I could remember only a lady looking out of bus window and the latter it was just mirage of thoughts. But thanks to Three colors, first time I loved the work of Kieslowski. I didn’t find this too confusing or too tough like how I felt while watching the previous two works of Kieslowski. As the three movies are inter related by at least a scene or due to my sheer laziness I’ll write one review which includes all three movies. I watched all three together, thus helping my case.

Three Colours

Three Colors: Blue

The first of the three movies, least engaging one for me but other critics found to be this to be most intriguing one. It was somewhat similar to the regular Kieslowski fare. Melancholic, eerie and weird. Within a first few minutes there is a brilliant shot which shows some kind of leakage in the car and out of focus is the kid who returns back to car after loo. I guessed right about the break failure but thought only the kid would die but her father too dies, leaving only her mom to be alive.

The first of the three films Blue deals with liberty. That’s what Blue denotes in French flag. Julie (Juliette Binoche) is the woman who tries to shoo of all her family ties after the death of her husband and child. Even though we see her tough there are many moments where she is about to break up. We know that it is going to happen eventually. And that happens too. The movie has a feminist face to it. We see how tough Julie is but at the end of the day she’s a woman. She cries in swimming pool which I wasn’t able to guess. Only another lady, a friend of her, Lucille (Charlotte Very) made me realize about it. That’s how the movie progresses it’s the ladies who take centre stage always. Olivier and the guy who sees the accident first up appear in the film as characters who are not sure about themselves.

Three Colors: White

The second feature film indicating equality was the best of the three. Before watching the third itself I got to know that this would be the best. May be I liked it because it was relentless and chauvinistic. The climax of the movie was totally unsympathetic which would give a high to any guy. The climax I’m talking about is the original climax and not the Deiva Thirumagal type of climax which was imposed superficially to soften Dominique’s image. Dominique played by Julie Deply, a brilliant beauty who acted in Before Sunrise and made me fall for her through her portrayal of Celine. Here she comes across as a relentless bitch but with the same perfection she did in Before Sunrise. What a talent!

The opening scene of the movie moved me right away. That was the first time I came to know there would be connect between the films, even though trivial would be splendid. The court scene was thus fascinating and the way Karol gets to become a rich person and take revenge on her was equally splendid.

Three Colors: Red

If I would rate the opening scene of White as best. I’d rate the climax of Red as bestest. The climax worked as an epic conclusion to the movie and the sad shot of Valentine (Irene Jacob) was equally enchanting for this specific movie too.

For me this was the most intriguing movie of the three. There were layers of feelings. The relationship between two seemingly unknown individuals were shown in a terrific way. The good thing about their relationship is they themselves don’t know how much they love each other, how much they hate each other and how much they know each other. All this combines to form a relationship which is not in the dictionary. And that’s why the relationship is so special.

The red color meaning fraternity is explained to us in one more beautiful way through the climax. Even though there are close to 2000 odd people in the ship we care about the people with whom we’re acquainted for few hours. We are happy at the end of the day but remember the odds of unhappy people are quite overwhelming because its one our acquaintances who escaped from tragedy.

There is a nice little joke I found in Wikipedia. Couldn’t resist sharing it. This is what Kieslowski had to say in an interview, “The words [liberté, egalité, fraternité] are French because the money [to fund the films] is French. If the money had been of a different nationality we would have titled the films differently, or they might have had a different cultural connotation. But the films would probably have been the same.”


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