Book Review – Midnight’s Children

Posted: July 30, 2013 in Book Reviews
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When I had finished the first part of the Midnight’s children I thought this is going to replace Shantaram and become the best book I’ve read but the thought tapered towards the end. Nevertheless this book remains one of the best books that I’ve read and this is the first time I thought that I should write a book like this. This book gave me courage to absolutely write anything I want. I always wished to write in a certain manner where thoughts would be overlapped with each another but I thought that would not give the story a necessary literary structure. This book broke all the formulas of novel writing and gave me a wholesome experience.

midnights children

We hear the story through Saleem Sinhai and the story is similar to David Copperfield where it starts at a point even before Saleem is born. But the way these two books are handled are totally different. David Copperfield gives a more realistic feel whereas Midnight’s Children is a surreal novel. And this is the first time I’m reading a surreal novel. The way it blends Indian history with Saleem’s own experience is so fascinating. Naturally the book underwent a lot of protest but if Rushdie had targeted me as one of the guys in this rotting history I would not have complained. I’d have rather been fascinated by the talent.

But I started to get away from the book or rather lost concentration from the second part. There were certain moments where I was fascinated by the flawless humor but other parts were rather blank and I couldn’t get anything from it.

If I had loved the rest of the two parts like how I loved the first one this would have ended up to be the best book to have read by me.


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