Movie Review – Installation of Love

Posted: July 9, 2013 in Movie Reviews
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If you thought Inception was confusing and when you came out you were confused whether you dreamed something or have just come out of a dream or still in the dream or you are actually in the limbo then you definitely ought to try Installation of Love which will, after a point, make you turn your head and see whether someone is shooting you for their film or which part you’re playing in the film. A film in film in film Satire which worked perfectly for me. It is such a masterpiece that will make you laugh even if you are the broodiest of lot.

installation of love

The movie has an unhappy couple, the husband who sees another lady, the wife who gets to see every other guy, the daughter who constantly films whatever is happening around her and a son who is so out of place. At first glimpse, going by the costumes I thought that it’s going to be a film which has incestuous relationship between the daughter and her mother but I was proved wrong. We see only Mojca’s story and how it revolves around her other mates.

Mojca who desperately wants to get out of her routine and want guys to flock around her goes to her ex-boyfriend Milos in order to re ignite the passion again. She had left him before for obvious reasons. She thought he’d not make it big. It’s a brilliant on your face movie. A superbly made satire against women and it doesn’t care about being chauvinistic. The way Mojca is treated gives us such pleasure as to bitching that girl friend who would have left us. Milos’ way of treating Mojca is extra special and from the point where she is introduced to the painter that she’d like to go with, the film takes a U turn.

We all know that Milos is a crazy individual but what we don’t know is he is so crazy that he films Mojca’s life and makes it into a feature film. He has hired her own daughter to film everything she could so that it’d be more authentic. And thus falling prey to Mojca’s ideas. She goes out with the painter, makes love and tries to settle with the painter. That means they’ve planted love successfully but being sadists they turn the painter against Mojca in order to teach her a lesson. They let her know that she is a worthless woman who has nothing to do that’s why she wants to have a fascinating life.

We get to know that Milos is not a director and he too is part of the movie being director by some lady. But Milos thoughts are used as if he is the one who is making the movie. In his clumsy room with all TVs he sees his own image in the film, that of directing others. Only then he comes to know that he is part of the movie too. The director on the other hand is being left by his husband whereas Mojca re unites with his husband playing the part that she usually does with élan.

Milos and the director now see themselves on screen with Mojca winking for the camera. Thus making us assume that it’s all part of Mojca’s attempt to have spice in her life. A thoroughly confused Milos and the director and we get to see the screen when a huge crowd watches the film, and that crowd has Mojca and her husband in it. They re unite after seeing their movie. Numerous couples too kiss each other either because they don’t understand the movie or they liked Mojca and her husband being re united.

Now the biggest twist in the story is when the audience themselves appear on the screen. I was laughing out literally. Milos and the director kiss each other and thus end the movie with the bloopers of the original director directing the movie. This movie in movie in movie is an extremely fascinating attempt of satire. It digs every aspect of film making and makes fun of it. It’s extremely funny when Milos once asks his team, “I think the editor is going to have a tough time editing this.” In fact we have to give it to the editor who had edited the film. The film may look like one which doesn’t need any editing at all but the carry on with the flow of the film and thus clearly confusing us with the aspects of film making needs a special mention. Bravo editor!


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