Movie Review – Kai Po Che!

Posted: July 7, 2013 in Movie Reviews
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Well begun is half done. That’s how beautifully the movie begins. The initial glimpse of the film is enough to realize that you’re not in here for a pizza with extra cheese. There are loads of other toppings too. The pleasing background music, heavily subdued acting, the melancholy everything happens in the first few minutes. I don’t know how the director even thought of making a serious movie out of a very ordinary book. Though I have a soft corner for Chetan Bhagat this book wasn’t that good. It was even boring after these guys get serious about their business but here the treatment is drastically different. They directly jump to the serious part where they get to fix a shop. All the fun part is taken off and also the clichéd Australian part. It’s not a black comedy anymore. Most of the situations they were put in made me laugh when I was reading but here I felt for them. Every serious situation worked here except for the last message by Vidya. She shouldn’t have added that extra line, “you’re not going to become dad.” Other than that the movie was perfect.

kai po che

Chetan Bhagat was also one of the four to have written the story of the movie. The story wasn’t definitely tweaked but look how good it had become from the director Abhishek Kapoor’s point of view. What would have gone through Chetan Bhagat’s mind who was criticized for writing a book so filmy whereas the film was made in a profoundly manner. I know it’d have been tough for Bhagat but Abhishek showed how sincerity towards story telling would bear fruits. And his sincerity was contagious. He made it or rather it became contagious on its own. We could see the actors, cinematographer and especially an ever enchanting music director Amit Trivedi understanding what Abhishek had exactly wanted. This guy Amit Trivedi is a gem of a talent. I heard him first in Dev D and every time he did music for not so commercial movies it had been fascinating. Special mention for the “Shubhaarambh” song. But my fate every time my favorite song comes first up in the movie.

Coming to the movie Sushan Singh Rajput as Ishaan Bhatt got the meatiest role and performed with élan. But better than him was Raj Kumar Yadav who portrayed Govind Patel in an entirely different way from the book. The way he transforms from being an innocent individual who couldn’t think on his own to a party member was amazing. I say that because when Ishaan breaks the car glass of a guy who was behind Vidya Govind simply joins him for the heck of it but later he becomes a steady individual and gets matured enough to handle the political needs. When Ishaan asks him to come over for match the way he answers him saying that he has party work shows his maturity. The third and the least important of all is Raj Yadav. He is considered the least important because that’s how well he underplayed his part and it’s the only role which stays true to the book. The only difference is he didn’t narrate the story which would have made the movie literal. Again I’ve to appreciate Abhishek Kapoor for carefully choosing what is necessary and what is not and thus keeping the most important element in tact, friendship!

The Vidya character didn’t work much for me. The way Chetan describes the lady in the book makes us imagine a woman who would be beautiful than anyone we had seen before. So it was a disappointment when it was announced Kareena would play Neha in 3 idiots and while watching Amrita Puri play Vidya in Kai Po Che! How could I forget the bare foot in metal in Five Point Someone. Neha could be replaced only by Neha. None other. Though there wasn’t much romance the “under the tank” was a disappointment. Might be for the “U” certificate.

Chetan Bhagat’s novels worked for me because one, it was simple and more importantly there would be at least one character who would be just like me. One of my friends had mentioned in his facebook status message, “I don’t know how Chetan Bhagat’s steals my stories.” So it’s not only me, it’s the feeling of every single mundane guy. This Ishaan character is extra special because of the cricket factor. He lives my dream in the book and in the movie he was even more heroic so it was even the more special. One more thing that I liked was his confrontations with the dad. He gets tough with his dad and goes sits out somewhere idle. Initially he says that he needs to do something. He does too but when he sits alone somewhere he tries to cry but doesn’t. How simple yet how powerful those scenes were. Though the scene where Vidya once asks his brother to apologize for this mistake saying that all are big fans of him it was pleasant to watch even though a bit senti. And the brilliant of all is when Ishaan’s sister cries after his death his dad remains idle having her in his lap and reacting the same way Ishaan does when he sits out alone.

Many drew comparisons between Kai Po Che! And 3 Idiots citing that the former was made in a more realistic way. I accept but 3 Idiots was special on its own. The way of thoughts differed between Rajkumar Hirani and Abhishek Kapoor. So I couldn’t really tell which one was superior. I watched 3 idiots when I was in my happiest phase of life and watched it again and again when I was heavily depressed. Every time I watched it, especially the “passion” scene where Rancho advises the other two brought me tears. So 3 Idiots and Wake Up Sid I would never hate even if watch 50 more times.

Many movies have this problem or say gratitude to mention the important names initially in the special thanks column but it had been a heavy spoiler for me. Here I don’t know whether I luckily missed or really Ajay Jadeja’s name didn’t come up in that column it’d have been a spoiler for I would have guessed how the movie would have ended. And when Ali cover drives I’d have been even happy if they had shown Ishaan cover driving along with him in nets. That was one of the fabulous scenes in the movie.


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