Movie Review – Barfi!

Posted: July 7, 2013 in Movie Reviews
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In spite of the movie getting rave reviews I was a skeptical to watch this one. That’s why it took me this long to watch the movie. But as I had no expectations from the movie it was like a breath of fresh air. The main reason I was skeptical to watch the movie was because of the Chaplin scenes which were copied. But when I watched the movie I felt no remorse while seeing Ranbir do the Chaplinisque’s act. I couldn’t hate him even for a second. That’s not because I’m a fan of Ranbir but because how honestly he has played his character.


You see Ranbir playing Rockstar, Sid and Barfi. This guy is honest. You could never hate him. Rockstar made me write my first review on net. More than it, it gave me guts to post the review. Wake up Sid on the other hand was one of the two Sunday Night movies which I would watch again and again. The other one being 3 Idiots. Both these movies involve a certain bit of me. I want to live the devil may care life of the famous guy in rockstar and the carefree life of Siddharth. The only difference in Barfi is I know I won’t be living the life of Barfi for obvious reasons but I’d like to be ever charming like Barfi.

The movie consists of three parts. The happy go lucky Ranbir and charming Ileana form the first part. The second part consists of a serious Ileana, somewhat serious Ranbir and as usual Priyanka. The third part consists of even more serious Ilena, Ranbir and Priyanka as usual in their old age. The third part could have been avoided. First I didn’t like the makeup and second there was needless melancholy which could have been avoided. Barfi is one such film which gives us confidence to face life no matter what. Barfi is a feel bad film! Yes a pleasant one but.

The first part was the most pleasing one. The way Ranbir impresses Ileana was better than any other talkie love stories. The film was an almost a silent film. A silent color film. One of its kind. Except for Ileana’s voice over (from whose point of view we see the movie) there are hardly any dialogues. Thanks to Ranbir. Priyanka’s characterization got extreme reviews. Not just positive. Both positive and negative criticisms were extreme but for me her character was okayish. I could neither criticize not could appreciate her acting skills. She did much better job in some of the previous movies. But I for one think that Priyanka is definitely over rated both for her style which is monotonous and her acting which is mediocre.

Like how the first part made me fall in love with Darjeeling the second part made me fall in love with Kolkata yet again. My Kolkata fascination started with Kahaani. Darjeeling is now in my places-to-go-quite-soon list. I loved the train/tram which Ranbir follows with his cycles. The shiny wet rain roads added to the beauty of it. Other than that there wasn’t much of landscape to watch throughout the movie. And good that there wasn’t. It would have been quite needless. But I liked Ranbir’s house. It was a brilliant piece of art, it was a maze. I still couldn’t unravel the mystery of his house and good that it wasn’t decoded which would have stopped me from thinking about the movie thereafter. These are some of the things which added to the director’s class.

Comedy of errors was the theme of the movie and was very well executed too. All the Chaplinisque scenes worked for the movie, humor was intact and the sentiment too worked on the fundamental level. A movie which has two characters which any actor would die for special mention has to be made about Saurabh Shukla for his portrayal of Sudhanshu Dutta who was brilliant throughout. He made us feel for him but we also didn’t want Barfi to get caught. It was an awkward situation for us too. Like Kai Po che! Barfi too is Barfi! And not Barfi. And it did leave an “!”mpact.


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