Movie Review – Kadhalil Sodhappuvadhu Yeppadi

Posted: June 30, 2013 in Movie Reviews
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A person has done enough analysis on girls and love and break up during adolescence and put it up on the screen in a funny non offending way, made a chauvinistic movie which any girl won’t be able to find as such and could be equally enjoyed during a Saturday night beer party after a Man U match and a during a ladies night out (I don’t know what they do on a ladies night out.) This universal acceptance itself is a success for the director so there is no point in analyzing more. But as he has completed his job in analyzing for the movie let me do my job of analyzing for the review.

kadhalil sodhappuvathu yeppadi

It’s a neat positive movie. There is nothing negative in the movie. Even though Parvathi’s (Amala Paul) parents have a rift between them and apply for divorce we know that they’re going to get together towards the climax. Similarly we know what eventually is gonna happen between Arun (Siddharth) and Parvathi. Siddharth is a very good actor to be used for close up shots. There is a scene in Boys where all five of them would be having a chilled out evening in their Kutti suvaru. You hear Harini’s voice then. The camera’s frame will be filled with Siddharth’s face. The way he gets shocked and the way his face turns serious after having such a wide grin was amazing. Director Balaji Mohan has done good use of this. Throughout the film Siddharth keeps talking to us. Sometimes it could be to someone but the frame would be fixed on him and sometimes it could directly be to us. The director could have used any one out of the two methods because it was confusing. But whatever may be the case Siddharth in those close up shots was pleasure to watch.

Amala Paul supported him equally well even though the girl in the original short film was even cuter. She was cute though, well hot with all those tight fitting salwars even though she was supposed to be just cute. When you are trying to show the movie practically why let her wear sleeveless. I don’t think any engineering college in Chennai allows the ladies to wear sleeveless. I’m not complaining though. It was far better than Karan Johar’s college movies.

I’ve met this guy Balaji Mohan in person. He came with his girl friend as a special guest for a film fest. Everyone loved him. He joined engineering in SSN, one of the topmost colleges in Tamil Nadu but quit and joined L.V. Prasad studio of film making.  He also told that he didn’t have any problems in love. He’s a confident man. I don’t know what trouble he’d have had while quitting his engineering and joining for diploma in direction. To have got into SSN is not an easy job so to convince his parents and deciding to quit the college needs a lot of confidence. Whenever someone asks of his hurdles he coolly says that he didn’t have that much trouble to get to the position he’s in now. It’s good to see these young people who give confidence.


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