Movie Review – Aaranya Kaandam

Posted: June 29, 2013 in Movie Reviews
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The leading lady (I can call her so, you’ll know the reason once you watch the movie, i.e. if you haven’t watched still) of the movie says towards the end, “The best thing about being a woman is it’s a man’s world.” This sentence is more powerful than the Tarantinoish quote that comes first up in the movie. You could see glimpses of Tarantino’s formula every now and then but those were not scenes merely copied from his films but the style with which the scenes were taken. It has become a fashion statement to call thyself as a Tarantino fan. But this movie could be made only by a Tarantino fan boy and could be enjoyed worldwide. In one word, fantabulous!

Aaranya Kaandam

This movie was there in my wish list for a long time. If I had watched this on a Friday night my weekend couldn’t have been better made but even watching this on a weekday night was amazing enough to make my rest of the week memorable. The whole movie had me at the edge of the seat. I’ve never really liked someone to act in a film who couldn’t dub for himself or herself. Well, I never really liked the dubbing process at all. How good may one be, the live recording couldn’t be matched. Okay let’s settle that later. I don’t know whether this movie was dubbed or was recorded live. So when talking about people who can’t dub I wasn’t really forward to see Jackie Shroff playing one of the important role in the movie. But man how well he played his role. No one else could’ve done justice to the role better than him. Just like Jackie Shroff the rest of the characters too were meticulously handpicked to give the much necessary cinematic feel to the film.

Though the casting and the storyline was brilliant the best thing about the movie was Yuvan’s BGM and re recording. He has done a Mozart here and the whole film has yesteryears and contemporary background songs which don’t match to any of the situations and none of the songs have correlation to each other. The director Thiagarajan Kumararaja has done a clever move by not showing the television during which the songs are played. It intrigues us even more. And whenever you hear someone speak its not the only voice you hear. There are other people too speaking in the surrounding. So the sound is not wholly focused on the subject. Especially there is one telephony conversation where the subject would be talking over the phone but we hear the voices around in higher volume than the telephony conversation. These are some of the trademark talent of these Tamil New Wave directors. I would rate this as Yuvan’s best musical. Even better than Pudhupettai.

With S.P.B  Charan as producer and Yuvan as music director he easily could have had a song with S.P.B singing it. The song would even have been a huge hit. There was also a situation where he could have easily inserted the song, the scene where Ravi Krishna says something cheesy to the leading lady and goes of the frame. But the director did justice to the movie by not including any songs. He should be specially appreciated for that.

Every joke in the film works. The highlight is the phone speaker comedy which brilliantly turns into a serious movie. I could see a Joe Pesci there. Most of the comic scenes start like this and end in a different tone. The young kid and the fathers’ scene is another example. Again that was a brilliant pair. The young kid asks his dad, “Yov nee nejamalaya mutala ila mutal mathiri nadikiriya.” His dad replies, “Ellarum sethu appava esiputangaya.” Though we start laughing for the scene first our smile gradually fades away seeing the innocent loser in the form of kids’ father. Guess he must be the guy who has done voice over for the trailer.

If you haven’t watched the trailers do watch that first. It’s one of the brilliant trailers to have come up. There were many scenes in the trailer which was not present in the movie. Not sure whether it was intentionally done or I watched the censored version of the movie. Whatever may be the case it didn’t affect the zeal of the movie. Even the posters were fascinating. I surely feel now for missing this movie in theatres.


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