Movie Review – The Untouchables

Posted: June 22, 2013 in Movie Reviews
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The credits of the movie start with lights and shadows transpiring alternatively. Our initial intention makes us think about it as a moving object but that’s not the case. It is the shadow of the movie. There are many shots in the movie which cheats us like this. The initial bomb scene where our object of interest lie in the box the little girl carries to the shopkeeper. We think the shopkeeper is carefully neglecting the customer who has come there for some inquiry. On the other hand there is a customer who leaves the bag and goes. The girl getting the box again from the shopkeeper gazes at the bag. Now we think that the girl is going to do something with the bag. But everything we think goes wrong and we get a surprise, even if it’s not a pleasant one.


There are a couple of more things to be noted during the credits. One is the order in which the credits appear. Next to the lead actors one significant change that you could note is the costumes brand coming up. EMPORIO ARMANI in big bold letters. I’m not sure whether it was done intentionally to show that they’ve cared about costumes or whether they had to put those titles first up due to the pressure of the brand. Whatever may be the case costumes play an important role in giving the feel to period flicks. Here in spite of having a huge name as brand sponsors they haven’t crossed the line with their costume. There is no wow factor with the costumes but enough work done to make us feel it’s a period flick. And out of all the characters name we see only De Niro and Sean Connery’s name along with their screen name. Of the three things I mentioned before I’m sure this is done intentionally as they were the most important people in the movie in spite of lesser screen space.

Once the credit roles over the way the movie starts is amazing. We see a top angle shot of a person wrapped in sheets and people surrounding him in a humble manner. We don’t hear voices but once the camera zooms in to the person wrapped in towel we get to know that he’s waiting for his shave. We see a charming De Niro laughing and making others laugh with his jokes. When asked about violence by the reporters we see his face and the mirror alone is visible. We could sense that something is going to happen and it happens. He gets cut by the blade he’s getting shaved. He stares at the guy shaving him and announces to the reporter that he doesn’t like violence. Such a brilliant scene even though the reporters, like us know what would have happened to that guy. When the reporters are not there a similar scene happens with a baseball bat but the climax is vice versa. De Niro has meager screen space but exhibits tremendous about of charm till the very last scene.

De Niro is the only special guy for the movie. Sean Connery and Kevin Costner are automatic choices for their roles. And they both are brilliant. Sean Connery acts loud for this role of intelligent over aged policeman and Costner as usual underplays himself brilliantly to suit the movie. He did so well in JFK and he has repeated the same here too. And in an ensemble cast you ought to have a one geek with specs and one smart fellow. No worries they too are there. But they look more stereotypical in spite of making us laugh and raise our adrenaline rush respectively for a couple of scenes.

When the cradle goes down with the baby our heart jumps along with the cradle every time the cradle jumps. One of the highlight scenes of the movie this, which could have easily gone wrong. Costner like every other scene looks in dismay here too. I love the look of this guy. He could have done the scientist Kamal Hassan in Dasavatharam so well.

In spite of having a beautiful ensemble cast and quite a few brilliant scenes the movie fails to pack a punch. It goes down as a decently made commercial flick where we tend to concentrate for a while and get out of the story line at other times. The movie ends in a way we would want it to be so makes us happy towards the end. Even though it is evident that this Costner guy is going to win it doesn’t let us be amazed like JFK where we could see his desperation. Here he’s a hero material who could have been easily whacked but doesn’t because he’s a hero. There is no other reason to it. The movie lacks clarity in certain scenes where they round off the bad guys. Above all Costner goes to De Niro’s place and points a gun at him. Even though this may be heroic a subtle guy like Costner would never be doing it.

There are a few more scenes like that and the death of two of the untouchables. It left me blank. Even though I liked the way they died in a commercial movie it didn’t look like that was the original flow. Their death seemed sudden. I know it’s a real story but there was a certain bit of abruptness in the way their death was handled.

Even though we have a certain bit of inconsistency we tend to forget because of few of the scenes are very charming. Thanks to Sean Connery. The highlight was the interrogation scene. Few seconds after which when Costner and Connery exchange glances are a treat to watch. Though out of focus you could see Costner biting his tongue so that he wouldn’t laugh out loud. The scene felt more like a real one because of such brilliant acting. That’s the reason why I was sadder for Connery’s death than that of anyone else’s death. And to my dismay he gets brutally murdered than the rest of the lot.


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