Movie Review – Your Name is Justine

Posted: June 16, 2013 in Movie Reviews
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Few films have titles which are just apt for the story and even fewer films have title which couldn’t have been replaced with any other title. If Your Name is Justine had been replaced by any other title other than the whole lookout of the movie could’ve been lost. What’s special with the title is in spite of this being so apt for the film one can’t infer what the movie is about with title alone. When she is sold to a group of thugs who use her for prostitution one man amongst them says, “Your name is Justine.” I couldn’t help but clap my hands in amazement.


This was the last movie I watched on Sunday night and prior announcement was made that this movie was going to be telecasted keeping in mind that everyone in the auditorium are above 18 because it was a violent movie. That was a big spoiler. Good that the co coordinator didn’t mention that it was because of sex he wanted to make sure that everyone around there are adults.  According to me even looking at the poster of the movie before watching the film is a spoiler so this came in as a heavy spoiler.

Having been instructed prior about the movies violent nature I was eagerly awaiting for some high octane violent scenes. The opening was close enough. After the title rolls up we see a place where Ham is being prepared and the leading lady of the movie cuts out a ham in perfect shape thus showing how strong a lady she is. From that scene my guess was she would end up in the hands of people who’d torture her and get out eventually because of her hard borne nature. As usual I was proved wrong and in a way I didn’t like.

Only Justine (I prefer to call her by that name) gets job out of the three and looks like the most successful of the three friends in their group. She has a boyfriend and an adorable grandma. In order to have fun in life she leaves her grandma and goes on a trip with her boyfriend. Her boyfriend sells her to a person who runs prostitution. Two out of the three men rape her initially and the third one seeing her in distress tries to take her instead of giving to a much more fearsome pimp. But his plans were spoilt once his boss decides to sell Justine to the more ruthful fellow. Without having a choice he escapes with Justine and uses her as a call girl but without any violence. Justine who has lost her pride and dignity keeps dreaming about grandma and kills her boy friend en route to free herself. She succeeds in freeing herself but knows that a lot has changed in the outer world. Her grandma had passed away and she had no one but the two friends. They were a happier lot but she couldn’t mingle with them now. Brushing aside her past she jogs her way to her friends trying to re ignite the passion she once had in her life.

The movie shows Justine’s desperation to get out of the place but couldn’t. I liked the way the movie was practically dealt. In the first scene where she tries to escape through the roof top we think that she has a chance. But to practically come out the place without getting hurt and with that less energy she has its not possible. Further her mood swings accentuate every now and then. When she gets raped initially she tries to fight from them. Then her only request is to not beat her.

Similarly she writes ‘give up’ in the wall and tries to become what they want her to become but again when she gets a glimpse of hope about escaping she gives an attempt. That may be during her vodka encounter with the pimp or her begging so that she could leave her flat where she is paid to have sex. And the pimp who controls her is human enough to not trouble her but when it comes to money and job he gets strict enough for her job.

I should appreciate the makeup especially and the lead actors performance more than it. After all actors complete movies. She looks adorable during the initial scenes of the movie and once she gets raped however well the makeup she gets to do to herself she couldn’t be back to herself. She looks like a tired woman who is fed up with the life. And once she goes back to her friends after her three years stint in jail she is again tired looking but of different kind. Not like how she looked after nights of sex. Instead she looks tired because of the way life had been harsh to her.


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