Movie Review – Wild Orchid

Posted: June 16, 2013 in Movie Reviews

Having said that it’s a well made porn there is no point in getting into the story. But being a pointless guy I’d better give away the storyline. A young, naive and beautiful Carrie Otis gets to join in a firm which sends her to city of sex Rio de Janeiro. She witnesses a couple having passionate sex and gets afraid. The first of the sex scene which happens between a black man and a fair brunette shot superbly.


The events which happen in the movie just lead to a series of well shot sex scenes. In the first sex scene of Carrie Otis there is a shot where camera focuses between her left leg through which we see a man licking and kissing her other leg. Brazil music and Samba dancers add glitz throughout the movie. The film ends with what is rumored to be unsimulated sex scene which happens between Mickey Rourke and Carre Otis.

As Ebert says in his review of this movie. The main aim of an erotic movie is to turn you on. But instead I’m talking about the camera set up in these shots. This shows that the movie didn’t create the impact that it wanted to.

Sorry I don’t have much else to tell about this film. If you want to watch porn better watch this movie. At least it has a story to it and picturised better and made with stars who know to act, somewhat.


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