Movie Review – Trick ‘r Treat

Posted: June 16, 2013 in Movie Reviews
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Trick ‘r Treat is a good old way of making a Halloween movie. I’m telling that in a positive way. Good thing about the movie is it’s a sincere attempt in making a serious movie. Even if you neglect it it’s alright but the intention is very clear. Michael Dougherty who has made his directional debut with this movie has done a really good job keeping the genre in mind. His honest attempt in making a film stay true to its genre should be well appreciated. Sadly this movie didn’t make it big but if you’re planning to host a movie marathon on a Halloween night this Trick ‘r Treat is a must watch. A studio like Warner Bros taking up this project and struggling for years to release it says how badly people have forgotten the culture. But there skepticism was right. It didn’t make big in the movie circles.


It has a lot of stories interlinked with each other with a comic book style “earlier” appearing at the bottom whenever we proceed with the new story. Don’t get into the film and think too much. It’s not going to push us in limbo like Nolan does. You’ll definitely get to figure out what the film is about by the end. If this movie had been made in chronological order I doubt whether I’d have loved this as much as I did. Isn’t a good movie a good movie in whatever way it’s presented? I don’t think so. It’s made this way and it appealed. Why should we think in ways it won’t appeal to us? I don’t want to be so harsh on Dougherty.

We see a lot of stories with one common kid Sam appearing in all the chapters covered by a ruck sack. I found that kid cute. He was no way haunting. In the first story we see a lady who insults Halloween tradition by blowing off the jack-o-lanterns getting killed by some stranger. And there is enough bit of spice added to the movie by ladies who try out various costumes so that they could get guys. One among them looks to lose her virginity on that day. Then there is a psychopath in the form of principal, in fact my favorite part of the story is this. When I thought he’d be killing his son too it was a nice when he waits with his students severed head to carve.

There was one mistake there. When he dumps Charlie, the boy who steals the chocolates from his house he has already severed his head. Then how come he tries to protest when he’s in the graveyard. Okay let’s not dig too much into that. Principal’s fate ends when the ladies turn into werewolf and those young kids school bus incident too was equally haunting. So I have no regrets. It stayed true to its notion. Any horror movie that doesn’t make me laugh is good enough for me. I think I’ve grown too old to get genuinely scared of ghosts. But just because I said that don’t ask me to stay in a desolate bungalow for a night.

You see everyone who dies there is because of making insult to the tradition. On any day this movie could have ended up being a cheesy one but it engages us in a well mannered way having those old fashioned twists and turns. Even the title is apt enough to let us know what to expect out of this movie. On a whole it’s a welcome break when someone tries to be honest in work that he does. It’s definitely worth a watch sitting laid back on your couch.

  1. Yup, that’s a good one, but very weird

  2. Alex Ramirez says:

    Alittle racist I believe but whatever.

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