Movie Review – The Others

Posted: June 16, 2013 in Movie Reviews

It’s a welcome change when a non American directs an English movie. It provides a much needed freshness. The Others is one such movie where I could get totally engrossed. The concept of horror flick with period setting was something new to me. Being a fan of English Shakespearean dramas I loved this setting of an empty house with a single mother and couple of kids. Its total non horrific setting made me to sit up and give some respect to the genre. I appreciate for that.


Grace Stewart (Nicole Kidman) is a lonely mother in an even lonelier manor, yes I don’t want to simply call it a house, house is something else. Her two children are sensitive to light so keeps every room locked before opening the next room and the curtains are never opened during day time. Good thinking by the director to have dense atmosphere. Whenever I watch a horror movie I used to think why I don’t ever get to see a horror movie during day time. Can’t we get scared if we get to ghosts during day time? Who made this rule of ghosts’ entry only during mid night?

They are visited by three servants an elderly woman named Mrs. Bertha Mills (Fionnula Flanagan), an elderly gardener named Mr. Edmund Tuttle (Eric Sykes), and a young mute girl named Lydia (Elaine Cassidy). Of the three Fionnula Flanagan was as brilliant as she could. She has the charm which one gets after years of experience, with her wrinkles and shrill voice she makes a perfect bet for nanny. She unfortunately is not seen many a time in Hollywood movies, thanks to her Irish background. If she had acted in Hollywood who knows she’d have made big like Ellen Burstyn or Meryl Streep. But more than these two Fionnula Flanagan reminded me of Judi Dench. Another charaming old lady.

Grace’s daughter Anne says that she hears voice every now and then as a matter of fact which makes her mom annoyed. In addition to annoying her mom she is also every good in scaring her brother Nicholas like every elder daughter. The brother sister relationship is very well portrayed. We in general don’t see the family bonds this casual in a ghost movie. We see people who are glued to each other because they are desperate not to lose each other. But we get a certain feeling of family which makes us genuinely worried when they suffer.

Things start getting worse when doors get to open on their own and keyboards get played without anyone in it. A panic stricken Grace runs out of the manor to bring in the priest to act upon the ghosts. Instead of the priest he meets her husband in the woods and brings him home where she gets to know the all the stories from Anne. Being a person who has come after the war he’s desolate and turns back to war again unsure of the happenings. The burden of taking care of the family without a male support again falls back on her. All these while she senses something fishy. Only after that she finds the gravestone and comes to know that all three servants are ghosts. Till this it was a good horror flick. The way the suspense unfolds after this is quite brilliant which I had never thought upon.

Knowing that I was cheated all the while I didn’t abuse myself instead I was amused how well someone could deceive me. I was glad that I was deceived well by the director. When you see this caring a mother with perfect human emotions you don’t even get a hint of doubt that she’s not human. It was as if like the Nicole Kidman wasn’t told about the climax and was made to act. That’s how well she was during the whole film.

On a whole it was perfect ending to the Halloween night where I watched some of the movies which I would never watch it on a normal day. An experience I wont regret.


The Others have been remade in Bollywood twice as Hum Kaun Hai? starring Dimple Kapadia and Anjaane starring Manisha Koirala in lead roles.


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