Movie Review – The Kings Speech

Posted: June 16, 2013 in Movie Reviews
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The kings Speech had a nervous brittle start which every person who stammers have. The King George the Sixth played by Colin Firth walks through a huge stadium to deliver his speech. I thought that this is going to be his last speech and the movie is gonna have a flashback to it or something dramatic might happen. I was proved wrong. He goes there tries to make a much without much avail and gets queer glances of thousands seated there. He returns home empty handedly.


I for some reason couldn’t understand why this movie was held in such high esteem. The screenplay is similar to that of any rags to riches movie that you come across. May be it was shot well but that doesn’t make this movie a highly superior one.

Taking a topic that is least trudged upon a good thing but the point is you show it effectively. There are many cinematic brilliances quoted for this movie but I couldn’t spot any of it as a layman. More importantly Geoffrey Rush and Helena Bonham Carter were more brilliant than Colin Firth. Colin Firths role is so given that he has to do just what is required. Geoffrey Rush though had a lot of scope for his role couldn’t be dictated exactly about the things that he has to do. The last scene of the movie where the king and queen look into the balcony whereas Rush looks from behind is exactly what the movie is about. An important individual who is omitted from the main scheme of things.

But of the three I’d give it to Helena Bonham Carter for her role as an understanding wife and a mother of two daughters. I’m impressed by every performance of her and her infectious smile only makes things better. She is one of the rare actresses I keep in such high esteem. Way to go Carter!

Overall I had a feeling that the movie could have been better, for some reason or the other.


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