Movie Review – The General

Posted: June 16, 2013 in Movie Reviews
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The General is the best silent movie I’ve watched thus far. Though there were a lot of silent movies raved about I usually couldn’t find it engaging, couldn’t get the crux of the situation because of its caricature style of film making and loud acting. Even Chaplin doesn’t interest me with his silent films. Silent films end up to be a comic made into movie. It’s as if the movie is made because like this because its handicapped that time without technology. But this movie changed the whole idea of it, both with its story telling as well as with its humor.


What works this time which didn’t in the previous few attempts were that the realism in the movie. I hardly felt I was watching a silent movie.  Add to it Buster Keaton was brilliant in the acting, enacting and performing stunts equally well. The entire movie seemed to have been shot on location. Except for the one scene were Keaton looks through the whole to see entire image of Marion Mack I couldn’t find a single mistake in the film. The humor, sentiment, parody and satire were mixed in proportional amount to give this exceptionally well made film.

I wouldn’t call this a satire. It’s a war comedy. There are parts were you can take the movie seriously if necessary. It’s not so sentimental that it brings tears but it is honest in making us feel for the characters.


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