Movie Review – The French Connection

Posted: June 16, 2013 in Movie Reviews
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Doyle and Russo, I prefer calling them Popeye and Cloudy respectively are NYPD detectives who are obsessed with their work. When you have a couple of policemen obsessed with their work what do you expect. Action. The movies stature and the way it was made severely reminded me of The Day of the Jackal the one I loved so much because of its detailing. I grew equally fond with this movie too. Watching this movie now after four decades might be a little boring. Thanks to fast editing and jump cuts done nowadays the movie might look old fashioned but remember it was the pioneer of all chase movies. The one which kick started the trend.


You don’t see two outright heroes who are nothing but heroic. We see them as two individuals who think they are heroes. But it takes them a little too much time to know that they are not. After catching a suspect and beating him up to get the truth Popeye suggests Cloudy to have a drink with him. Once they go there Popeye gets interested in a case and constantly updates Cloudy about them. For that Cloudy gives a ‘so this is the idea of your evening of enjoyment’ look. That was truly hilarious.

Popeye gives only the start and makes Cloudy too wholly involved. Whenever you see action, chase scene nowadays what you see is only cars, camera and gadgets. Here you see the angst of the protagonist and the despair of the person who is chased. The car chase sequence truly stands out for its generosity in engaging viewers of all age groups.

I found the BGM haunting. No one plays this type of music for chase music. If you had seen Shutter Island the BGM would remind you of the same. I watched it with a group of film buffs with decent film knowledge. Almost everyone unanimously hated the movie and hated the back ground music even further. Whereas I loved the concept for its honesty and the straightforwardness, the climax was brilliant. Just because I liked a movie which didn’t impress anyone doesn’t make me standout from the crowd. As I always say it takes time for a movie to settle down on me. Being an old fashioned guy I liked this good old fashioned chase stuff. Gene Hackman was brilliant with his role. You could always see the angst in his face throughout. Roy Scheider too doesn’t stand back. He impressed me with his clever wit.


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