Movie Review – The Dark Knight

Posted: June 16, 2013 in Movie Reviews
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If Batman Begins is dark The Dark Knight is even darker. The whole film has an eerie effect to it. There are no witty one liners which are usually associated with super hero films. At least not by batman. It’s Joker who does most of the talking. And thanks to Heath Ledgers death it was highlighted even more by the media before its release.


We pity Batman here. We sympathized Bruce Wayne in the previous movie but here we feel for both Batman and his alter ego. It’s such a great concept this movie has as in a villain arising because there is a hero. As this movies concept is vice versa it’s the Jokers character which gets more recognition. He brings in the entertainment factor. It’s left to Joker to deliver all those witty one liners, on the face dialogues etc.

Talking about the story the movie starts with a gang of clowns trying to rob a bank. Nolan gives enough time before he introduces Joker. There is a long shot of a person who stands with a joker mask. But Nolan having shot the Jokers introduction scene in IMAX wouldn’t let us so easily to have a look at him. So after people talk and loath about Joker he finally arrives by shooting his fellow clowns who helped him in robbing the bank.

Meanwhile there is Harvey Dent, the new district attorney who dates Bruce Wayne’s ‘friend’ Rachael Dawes, replaced by Maggie Gyllenhaal instead of lovely Katie Holmes. One more reason to pity Batman. First he fights for his place but some clown arrives and disrupts his image. Then he also loses his girlfriend owing to his responsibility. All he gets to have is an image of a playboy billionaire – which he not is actually – hated by everyone.

Once James Gordan who tries to save the Mayor is killed by Joker Batman agrees to give out his real identity. Instead Harvey Dent tells the world that he’s Batman. I laughed for the scene in the theatre. Only to be frowned by people who were sitting beside me. I mean come on how could this guy be batman.

As Joker tries to kill the batman i.e. Harvey the real batman zooms in and a great action block makes our adrenaline rush. Batman turning his bike on the wall, just the icing on the cake. Now Gordan comes back to life, which got a great response from crowd whereas I was wondering. Some serious deus ex machina.

Rest of the whole story is struggle but ensures lot of great moments. The sudden change of character of Harvey Dent wasn’t convincing for me though. Talking about the great moments, Joker coming out of the hospital in nurse dress was so damn funny and he makes it even funnier when he stops checks for the remote and makes the whole hospital blast. And for me the best scene in the movie was when a prisoner in one of the ship comes to the police, asks for remote and throws it away. Epic!

The movie ends with batman getting Joker and killing TwoFace. What beats me is the movie being a super hero one doesn’t have a conventional ending. Yet so many liked and that’s what amazes me. Have so many people started watching good cinema. Yes Nolan has taken a great risk by letting Batman get into the dark, again into the abyss. The movie combined with part one gave me a complete feel. He comes from darkness and goes into darkness but did Nolan really plan to end this movie as such. That’s what he said but don’t know what’s the truth. Now that we know the third part is coming and will have a conventional ending. The saga will be a complete one.

This movie is currently in 9th place in imdb. I didn’t think so highly of this movie even though I enjoyed it. Okay now please don’t throw stones at me. I guess I can have my opinion. Nevertheless, waiting for the dark knight rises and want it to be even more dark but hoping that I won’t see a blank screen.

And I don’t know why, Joker still reminds me of Jack Nicholson.


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