Movie Review – The Dark Knight Rises

Posted: June 16, 2013 in Movie Reviews
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It’s not very usual when close to hundred people don’t leave the theatre till the last word of the credits, it’s not very usual when people stay glued to their monitors till early morning 3’o clock to get tickets to watch their favorite hero for one last time on the big white screen. It defines ‘epic’. The one word which everyone regardless of the movie knowledge they have, claim the Batman trilogy to be.


Nolan who by now has become a blockbuster director like Spielberg didn’t have a plan to finish the batman movie after the second installment. His exact words were, “The key thing that makes the third film a great possibility for us is that we want to finish our story […] rather than infinitely blowing up the balloon and expanding the story […] Unlike the comics, these things don’t go on forever in film and viewing it as a story with an end is useful. Viewing it as an ending, that sets you very much on the right track about the appropriate conclusion.” So that’s the plan. He wanted to satisfy people who took Batman as one among them and give it an appropriate conclusion.

Eight years after the District Attorney Harvey Dents death people are living peacefully in a world where organized crime has been abolished and crimes if any take place only to a negligible amount. As Batman’s need is also not needed and he’s loathed as ever by the people. Bruce Wayne is in self-exile. That’s when Bane arrives and he’s not as inviting as Joker is so it takes a seductive Cat Woman Anne Hathaway to make him come to the fore. I liked it when Lucius Fox said to Batman, “I like your new girlfriend.”

Bale looks menacing, his face adds to the toughness of the character but it was so tough for me to concentrate on what he was saying with the mask on. A series of events make Batman confront Bane or vice versa which leads to a fist fight between them. A well made one that. That’s the high point of Bane. If you don’t like him in that scene you’re not going to like him till the end of the movie. I liked the scene. I liked it because that’s the only point where Batman is not able to hide in the darkness. Batman who uses darkness as his weapon doesn’t understand that Bane is made out of darkness. It’s such a pity when he gets beaten up by Bane. In how many films does the superhero fall so many times? After the first installment it’s the villains who are talked about more, than the hero. Poor Batman.

Needless to say Batman ‘rises’ from the cell (read as hell) and finishes of Bane and saves City. The rising scene is as literal as it could get. The hero jumps to get hold of a cliff for couple of times doesn’t get it and finally catches hold of it without ropes. Oh come on give me a break. I came to watch a Nolan film not a Tony Scott one. Nolan has given us what we wanted. But is that the mark of an important director like Nolan. He’s never going to make a movie like ‘Following’ again which is my favorite of his till date. I accept that but why would he make a movie to satisfy the audience instead of throwing them interesting stuff and leaving them spell bound. Audience showed that they are an intelligent lot because in general a movie like The Dark Knight with the protagonist of the stature of Batman getting into darkness is not so easily accepted. Still they loved it.

But I must say what a bunch of lovely actors there were in the film. Crowds favorite Morgan Freeman, sexy Anne Hathaway, sultry Marion Cotillard, dangerous Tom Hardy, courteous Michael Caine and my favorite Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Such a charming kid he is. It’s not unusual that after watching a film I tend to get into the shoes of a character. It didn’t happen in the first two parts of Batman for me but here if ever I wanted to be one of the characters in the movie it would be of Levitt’s. He is not a super hero but he is such a nice human being. Adds charm to the character. His character development in every movie he has acted is smooth, almost flawless. May be the director would have wanted it in that way but you see a kid who is so sincere. He is a type of guy who tries hard to win a match for his team but gets out at 99 but still gets applause from audience.

How earthy his character was. For me the best scene in the movie was when he makes the kids get into the bus. He asks his dad to at least not let the kids lose hope. A scene before that when a kid asks him whether the batman is back he gives a smile. Just perfect. And in the climax it’s him the dark knight who rises. The legend of the Batman ends and the dark knight rises.

One more problem with this movie is we miss Joker badly and so does Batman. Most of the people who didn’t like this movie have this as the reason, the absence of Joker. I was sure that the legacy of The Dark Knight would not be matched so i was satisfied with the movie.

What you read above is the review of the guy who after a day of thinking came up with. But when I was in theatre I too like everyone shouted and whistled when bats went around after Bruce’s climb, when Batman’s bikes wheel took a 90 degree turn, when the bat symbol came over the bridge, when Levitt announced himself as Robin and Alfred sees Wayne with Kyle. I like everyone (as said in first paragraph) stayed till the end to see the name ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ for one last time. Does Nolan give a satisfying epic? Epic is not something which is made to satisfy people. This film satisfied me. If that’s the success Nolan wanted he gets it. He gets it big time. 


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