Movie Review – The Dark House

Posted: June 16, 2013 in Movie Reviews
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The Dark House made Shutter Island look cheap. In terms of storytelling its similar to that of Shutter Island but very well executed without letting off the suspense. I couldn’t exactly define why it was superior to Shutter Island but through analysis could come up with certain points. For one it was very much evident that Shutter Island is going to be a thriller, right from the first scene, I’m not posting an acquisition here, we all know that was the intention of the movie, Scorsese’s tribute to noirs of the past but when we see The Dark House we couldn’t guess that it’s going to be a thriller. That’s nice deception by the director Will Koopman.


It takes a while for us to know that this movie is going to revolve around Maria, a lead singer in the group where her husband is the lead guitarist. We see her husband screwing up a girl in the bathroom first up. Only after that incident we come to know that it’s going to be the story of Maria as the story slowly transcends into her path and moves forward. As her husband again and again ends up in bathroom with the girls she starts getting agonized and breaks their relationship. And as a result to it aborts her child with her husband.

We get to know the genre of the film only after this incident happens. Once her abortion and her break up takes place she starts receiving death threats through mails and dead rats in parcel. Initially when she complains these incidents to the local police officer they take it lightly and pass her off. They tell her husband could be the reason behind these incidents. She doesn’t suspect him knowing that he’s not worth it. Knowing that neither the police nor her husband is going to be of any help she decides to leave to her sister’s place.

In the mean time the guys whose ‘behind the head’ image is shown throughout appears and asks Maria out which makes us suspect him for whatever happened. Once Maria goes to her sister’s house she discovers that she is getting paranoid like her mother. In the flashback it’s revealed that her mother had been out of mind and had killed father and Maria had left her father to be taken care by her sister. Maria’s sister is genuinely concerned about the fact that Maria is getting to become like her mother so she gets treated by her sisters’ friend who is a psychotherapist like Ans.

Maria continues to ignore the treatment once she knows that her house is burnt. The police and the public suspect it’s because of her fault that the house had been burnt. Her sister Maya too believes it because Maria had injured herself in sleep one day. As this becomes general notion she befriends Harry, a colleague of Martin. Together they try to unravel the mystery. On analyzing they come to know that Ans is the one who’s behind the entire story.

Deception was very well made in this movie. The director had made no attempt to hide anything from the screen. What we see is what we get but how the truth is layered beneath the surface is what the film is about. When we discover that it’s not Maria but Ans who had made the entire story we get amazed. 


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