Movie Review – Thavamai Thavamirunthu

Posted: June 16, 2013 in Movie Reviews

Some directors play with camera, some with sound and some with locales but here is one guy who plays with emotions as if plucking a string in guitar. It requires guts to make a film like this one. Making an almost four hour movie without graphics, without grandeur and without fantasy requires guts. It takes a bit of courage. Cheran is not afraid to do it. Thanks to his previous movie ‘Autograph’ this movie was made otherwise I don’t think it’d have been easy to convince any producer which tells a complete tale of a just another guy who loved his dad. After watching this film the respect for VaranamAyiram has gone down drastically. Not that I was a big fan of the ‘daddy’ part of the film. What made VaranamAyiram tick was love, at least the exaggerated version of it. What made this movie tick is love, love for his dad.


I cannot possibly make a scene by scene analysis of the movie. I can’t talk much about the camera and lighting of the movie. This movie is more about the feel. As Cheran always does this movie too made my throat ache. Sadly he started taking this as an advantage and faltered badly after this movie by imposing sympathy in his other movies. Autograph and ThavamaiThavamirunthu stamps his class all over. Almost nothing after that.

Even though the feel is the centrifugal point around which the whole film revolves I can’t go without pointing out the scene where Padma Priya goes to her house. The camera remains steady when she goes and hugs her dad. Only when Cheran and Raj Kiran go inside their house the camera starts moving along with them symbolizing that both these families have got united.

This is a complete film. Right from start to end. The black and white present and the colourful past was made in what idea I don’t know. The film starts in Technicolor fashion. I’d have loved if the colour too had gradually changed when they grow up but Cheran uses the Technicolor just at the beginning of the film. I don’t see any solid reason in doing so. May be its like getting out from sleep where we see things hazily and then start visualizing clearly.

Enough said, the films transition is what made me enjoy the movie. It was wholesome; there was no hurry in finishing the movie. There is a scene where Cheran says that he won’t go to Madurai along with his family. Raj Kiran looks at him when he eats and Cheran looks at his dad when he eats. A general love scene prototype which worked wonderfully here. Was the movie slow? I didn’t find it to be. For the record, the movie can be slow what it shouldn’t do is lag – said by KaruPazaniyapan in NeeyaNaana show once was right. The story didn’t lag at any point.

It was good that Cheran didn’t scold Chennai out rightly. He just came here and couldn’t survive. There wasn’t any attack on Chennai. As soon as they run out of options the first thing that comes to their mind. They come here make money and start scolding the city saying it’s not how their home town is. That’s because people who are here in Chennai are mostly non natives. So they think this as a temporary place and do whatever they like. Just like throwing the popcorn cover below our seats in cinema. Would we do that in our house?

In spite of having said this I liked the way the man who was reading paper tells the path to Cheran’sfriends’ house without opening his mouth. On the other hand as soon as he comes to village with his wife and children people there go knock their house and start cajoling Cheran’s mom and ask her to let him in.

The casting was just perfect and the finer aspects of the families were well dealt with. Mother-for-all Saranya always cribs about the things and says things without thinking. She’s the one who talks from heart. Be it when asking Raj Kiran to bring crackers or when her daughter in law makes remarks about being hit by Raj Kiran.

I can understand Senthil’s plight too. As an ultra protective dad he thinks he has to take care of their sons till their death. Whenever they venture out of their house he cautions them about the child. After a point it becomes irritating. Senthil’s wife adds fuel to the fire and irritates him more. He can’t fight with his wife because there is no option of having a sound atmosphere in his house if he does that so he quarrels with his dad.

A couple of other scenes which caught my attention were when both brothers get to know each other while coming home after some time. Senthil finding cigarette in Cherans’ pocket and Cheran finding porn magazine in Senthils’ pocket making him blush by asking about Kozhi (chicken). Another brilliant scene is when a friend of Cheran and Padmapriya comes to visit her in hospital he is made to wait outside the room for a minute when Padmapriya hooks her blouse and only then he enters inside. Such minute details.Hats off.

Cheran on the other hand went away from the home at a point where he sees his dad very sad so he has the guilt of leaving them which adds to the already possessed guilt in his heart about his kid. We see a perfect daughter-in-law in the form of Padma Priya. Her character hasn’t been analyzed much so she just comes as ice cream you have after marriage. Trivial but sweet.

Talking about the music, as pointed out before there are no exotic locales where songs are picturised. Music just adds strength to the film, just like a layer of polish to make the surface shine. The duo of Sabesh and Murali does it perfectly. I could hear lyrics so clearly in each and every song. Such a welcome break. The song ‘OruMuraidhan’ which I heard for the first time was class apart. Simple lyrics but it transcends from misery to happiness with such ease that we hardly notice. The scene goes so well along with the lyrics. Their mature love is showcased in the song in a great way.

When this movie was released there was a complaint that the movie was so old fashioned guy. But I don’t think so, maybe it’s just an old fashioned me. Because the movie is set in 80’s so in addition to the period set up the Cheran has magnificently captured even the feelings and mood of people during late 80’s. Hats off.

P.S: The initial cut of the film was 360 minutes. I don’t know if the original cut is available. If anybody knows let me know. I’d love to complete watching this complete film.


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